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61% Indians prefer to work for a company that engages meaningfully in CSR, finds survey

There seems to be a heightened social consciousness with 61% of participants in a new Indian survey preferring to work for a company that...
workplace diversity

Ironically, disruptions during Covid-19 had a positive impact on workplace diversity, equity and inclusion

In the last few years, company leaders were beginning to look closer in the mirror, digging deeper into metrics around hiring, pay, promotions and...
IBM survey

IBM Survey: 71% job seekers want to work for environmentally sustainable companies after pandemic

According to a new global survey from IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV), 71% of employees and employment seekers say that environmentally sustainable companies...

International Day of the Girl 2019: Educational Stats

We are taking stock of where India stands in education of the girl child on the International Day of the Girl today. In 2010,...
CSR spending in thematic areas

Are CSR projects and spends aligned with thematic areas?

According to Census 2011 undertaken by the Government of India, 6% of the nation’s population resides in slums, amounting to more than 7 crore...
crime rate in India

CSR: Accuracy of India’s Crime Data

The crime rate in India has seen a marginal increase in 2018. According to government data, the number for cases of murder,...
CSR and millennials

CSR is critical, especially among millennials in the US

In today's tight labour market – where there is currently less than one unemployed person for each job opening – CSR is critical, especially...

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