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What it’s like to have a career in fundraising

By Sumeet Sandhu, General Manager, Resource Generation - South, CRY What do you want to become when you grow up? Doctor? Engineer? Entrepreneur?  Well, ‘Fundraiser’ doesn’t...

Funding avenues and opportunities for NGOs

By Sudeep Gupta and Joy Sharma, Founding Partners, Impactify For a long time now, the social sector has been facing critical issues pertaining to funds...
CSR platforms

4 CSR platforms making things simpler for non-profits

Startups are emerging as a force of change in the country. While we talk about Edtech, Auto and Fintech startups bringing a change, CSR...
TISS Program

TISS AESDII Announces Second Batch of ‘Development Perspectives, Managements and Practices’ Certificate Program

The five-day certificate program by TISS is an attempt at training more individuals to participate in social and national development at a professional level. CSR...

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