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Yuva Unstoppable Scales up Humanitarian Aid Amidst COVID-19

Yuva Unstoppable, an India based non-profit organization founded by Amitabh Shah, recently distributed family essential kits to daily wagers, supporting about 15000needful people across...

COP24: India calls for funds from rich to developing countries to fight climate change

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and UN chief Antonio Guterres held discussions about climate change and India's support for the Paris Climate Agreement on the...
Indian Army Kerala Flood

केरल के क़यामत में देवदूत बने जवान

वो बिना थके, बिना रुके, बिना खुद की परवाह किये, बिना किसी भेदभाव के, बिना किसी सवाल के, बस आसमान से आते हैं और केरल...

A Tribute to Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Former Prime Minister and BJP patriarch Atal Bihari Vajpayee, one of India’s most charismatic leaders, died following prolonged illness. India has lost a great...
Disrespect of Indian Flag Post Independence

क्या हमें पता है आजादी के मायने?

१५ अगस्त की सुबह रोहन स्कूल जाने के लिए बहुत उत्साहित था। सवेरे तैयार होकर स्कूल पंहुचा। प्रिंसीपल सर ने बड़ी शान से तिरंगा...

Anna Hazare Launches The CSR Journal Magazine on India’s 72nd Independence Day

The CSR Journal, a distinguished portal reporting extensively on Corporate and Citizen Social Responsibility, proudly announces the launch of its magazine “The CSR Journal”...

A Ramadan To Remember In Dubai

In the spirit of the season, companies across the UAE are launching a slew of wp initiatives during the holy month of giving

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