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Ladakh to use Plastic Waste in Construction of Roads

The Himalayas attract a lot of tourist crowds from across the world. The mountain range supporting a plethora of biodiversity has been a preferred...

Potential of Ladakh for zero waste food processing at Dubai Expo

Ladakh is the largest and the second least populous Union Territory of India. It is witnessing a rapid development after getting the status of...

भारत-चीन झड़प में 20 जवान शहीद, देश नहीं भूलेगा शहादत

कन्नौज हो या कानपुर, दिल्ली हो या मुंबई, हर जगह चीनी चालबाजी के खिलाफ समूचे देश में गुस्सा है, चीनी उत्पादों को जलाया जा...

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