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Sudarshan Chemical Industries Limited bags ‘India Mahatma Award’ for the second time for its CSR

Sudarshan Chemical Industries
Representatives from Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd receiving the Mahatma Award for their CSR initiatives
For exceptional work in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sudarshan Chemical Industries Limited has been conferred with the ‘India Mahatma Awards’ for the second time in a row.
The awards are presented by Live Week Group, an American organization working for social sustainable development. The ‘Mahatma Award’ is given as acknowledgment of the work of individuals and organizations who have made considerable and substantial impacts on social work across the world.
The award was presented by Kiran Bedi, Puducherry Lieutenant Governor, Former IPS officer and Amit Sachdeva of Live Week Group at a recent ceremony in New Delhi. The award was received by Shivalika Patil, Head, People Practice, Sudarshan Chemical and Madhuri Sanas, Deputy General Manager, CSR. The Mahatma Award has been initiated by Amit Sachdev, the founder of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in India, an entrepreneur and social activist.
Speaking on the occasion, Shivalika Patil, Head, People Practice, Sudarshan Chemical said, “I am delighted and pleased that Sudarshan Chemicals has been honored consecutively with this global award. ‘Sudarshan’ has done a great job in the field of education, environment, and social development under the leadership of Managing Director Rajesh Rathi and colleagues. Amenities have been offered for tree plantation, overall care, waste management, pollution control, quality education, holistic development of students, skills training, setting up of multi-purpose centres for socio-cultural programs, sewing training, and sewing machine distribution, execution of paper bag projects, bus stops, shelter etc.”
“The efforts taken by Sudarshan Chemical Industries during the Corona period were astonishing. Medical and vital resources were delivered by us. In addition to this, assistance and vaccination camps were organized for the health of the staff and the public in Roha town. In order to provide pure water supply to villages construction of aqua plants and wells has also been done also village and schools and have been upgraded,” said Madhuri Sanas, Deputy General Manager, CSR at the firm.

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