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SOS India celebrates International Day of Families 2020

On the occasion of UN International Day of families, SOS Children’s Villages of India celebrated a part of its vision ‘building families for children in need’.
This year’s celebration was in sync with the United Nation’s International Day of Families 2020 theme: “Families in development: Copenhagen and Beijing + 25”. This year’s 25th anniversary of Copenhagen Declaration and Beijing Platform for Action come at the time of one of the most challenging global health and social crises.
The COVID-19 pandemic brings into sharp focus the importance of investing in social policies protecting the most vulnerable individuals and families. According to the United Nations, it is the vulnerable families who are bearing the brunt of crises. So, sheltering their members from harm, caring for out-of-school children and at the same time continuing their work responsibilities, is of utmost importance.
The day started with a virtual welcome address to families at Children’s Villages and in the Communities across 22 States & Union Territories. Briefing about the theme of the International Family Day for 2020 was an important part of the address.
This year’s theme clearly focused on the importance of supporting the most vulnerable sections of our society, which SOS India has already been doing for long now. Its Family Strengthening Programme aims to lift vulnerable families out of the vicious cycle of poverty and help them reach self-reliance.
The celebrations at SOS Children’s Villages of India demonstrated the value of having a family including a mother and siblings. The special focus was laid on bonding within a family, children’s education and improvisation in parenting skills to keep the children in high life state as it is understood that a stable, nurturing environment lays the foundation for a child’s healthy development.
On the special occasion of International Day of Families, Sudarshan Suchi, Secretary-General, SOS Children’s Villages of India said, “A family is the smallest yet the most important pillar of the society. At SOS Children’s Villages of India, we understand the role as well as the innate potential of children in Nation Building. We provide a family-like environment, under our Family Like Care Programme to all once parentless and abandoned children. The unique feature of SOS Children’s Villages model is its mothers, they are the strongest pillars of SOS families.” Through the Family Strengthening Programme, their endeavor is to create inclusive communities for the country’s sustainable growth.
As India battles with COVID-19 pandemic, the isolation, lockdown, and suppressed economic activity is hurting families across the world. The situation is adversely affecting the most marginalized and disadvantaged children and communities. Families at villages and urban slums are struggling to get food, basic hygiene products, clean water and health care. SOS India is working relentlessly to provide help for the children, families and communities in dire need of life-saving assistance.
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