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Samsung has Committed to Net Zero Emissions by 2050

Samsung has pledged to achieve net zero carbon emissions for the entire firm by 2050 and will invest US$5 billion over the following 7.5 years to do so. The company intends to make the improvements quickly in order to ensure that its Device eXperience division is producing net-zero emissions by 2050.

Chip-making business – The largest emitter at Samsung

Only 10% of Samsung’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2021 came from its DX division, which includes its consumer electronics divisions including its mobile and display production facilities. The company’s chip and components division, which frequently generates the majority of its revenue, was in charge of 90 percent of the 17.4 million tonnes of greenhouse emissions it released in the previous year.
It is obvious that much effort needs to be done before the chipmaking company is net zero. The company intends to create technology that can dramatically lower the gas byproducts of semiconductor fabrication as one of its initiatives. At its semiconductor manufacturing sites, Samsung also wants to construct treatment facilities. Additionally, the business will create carbon capture and utilisation technology that can capture, store, and then transform carbon emissions from its semiconductor facilities into a useful source.

Maximising use of renewable energy 

The software juggernaut has additionally joined RE100, a global programme for companies who wish to run on renewable energy. It will begin by using renewable energy to power the DX division and all activities outside of its home nation during the next five years before supplying all of its energy requirements globally with renewable energy at 100% by 2050. In its announcement, Samsung also outlined additional environmental objectives, such as its promise to encourage water recycling and to extend its electronic waste collecting programme from 50 to 180 nations.

Use of Technology to be Climate positive 

Kim Soo-jin, Samsung’s head of ESG strategy group, explained: “We are a company that manufactures directly… so there are various, layered challenges. In the end, we are a technology company… So we will contribute positively to climate change through technology development. Since we are a large company and our products are widely used, we will make an impact through scale.”