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Samsung Completes 25 Yrs in India; Major CSR Initiatives #PoweringDigitalIndia in the Works

Electronics major Samsung celebrates 25th anniversary in India with the announcement of #PoweringDigitalIndia.

What is #PoweringDigitalIndia?

#PoweringDigitalIndia is Samsung’s brand new vision for the country that will be driven by an exciting new CSR programme aimed at students across the nation, a refreshed local R&D strategy with special focus on the local startup community and new initiatives in manufacturing.
#PoweringDigitalIndia is being unveiled as Samsung completes 25 successful years in the country, having been a star in India’s manufacturing and growth story, and a committed partner in this journey.
Launching the new vision, Ken Kang, President & CEO, Samsung Southwest Asia, said: “At 25, Samsung India is as young and vibrant as New India. Millions of our consumers, our partners and employees, have loved Samsung over the years to make us the country’s biggest, most trusted and most admired brand of mobile phones and consumer electronics, with almost every home in India having a touch of Samsung. Our new vision #PoweringDigitalIndia sets the course for India’s future growth, in which Samsung will continue to be its strongest partner.”
“Samsung is committed to work with the Government of India and various state governments to realize their vision of nation building, digital inclusion, digital empowerment and bridging of the digital divide through multiple initiatives in manufacturing, R&D, creation of jobs and entrepreneurship, responsible citizenship and transformational innovations,” Ken Kang said.

CSR – Vision for the Youth

India is a young country and Samsung CSR intends to contribute to creating leaders of tomorrow. As part of the Powering Digital India vision, Samsung will launch a new youth-centric corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme which will involve engineering students and academia from across the country and will help create a stronger innovation ecosystem in the country.

New Initiatives in Manufacturing

Samsung is planning new initiatives in manufacturing in India, contributing to the government’s vision of ‘Make in India’ and developing the country as an electronics manufacturing and exports hub.
To mark the occasion, Samsung India has launched a logo for the new vision. The digital world today signifies connectivity and transformation. The logo takes inspiration from this world and provides a visual meaning which indicates looking ahead, innovation and speed. The logo design uses the dot design on top of “I” which represents motion and speed. It is dynamic, smart and futuristic, and takes inspiration from minimalist design. It’s modern, uncluttered and uses India colours in a smart way, by utilizing the negative space, so that it does not obstruct the overall design and colours are used as accents.
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