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Runaya Group vaccinates 500 villagers in Alibaug

Standing in solidarity with the Maharashtra Government’s efforts to overcome the COVID-19 crisis, Runaya Group, one of India’s fastest-growing manufacturing start-ups, has carried out a vaccination drive in Alibaug.

Considering the big spike in cases over the last few weeks in Maharashtra’s Raigad district, and in particular the Alibaug area, the company has tied up with Breach Candy Hospital Trust and has focused on the Nevedar Navgaon village to vaccinate around 500 beneficiaries under the programme.

Most of the villagers inoculated were receiving their first dose of the vaccine.  The vaccination camp has been organized under the guidance of Runaya’s Co-founder & CEO Annanya Agarwal, son of Navin Agarwal, Vice Chairman of Vedanta.
Annanya Agarwal said: “Runaya has been supporting the communities during the current pandemic. With a surge in Covid cases in the area last month, we decided to organize the vaccination camp here. I am happy that our vaccination drive received such an encouraging response. In the coming days, we will hold more such vaccination camps for the benefit of our communities.”
The vaccination drive on Monday was attended by Shekhar Bali, Gram Sevak, Gram Panchayat, Navedar Navgaon and Parthana Bhoir, Administrator Officer, Gram Panchayat, Navedar Navgaon.
According to Administrator Officer, Parthana Bhoir: “Timely vaccination for everyone is our best chance to win this war against Covid-19. I thank Annanya and the Runaya Group for this drive, which is a proactive step in ensuring the safety of our people.”
The Runaya Group, a strategic partner of Vedanta, leverages technology to create innovative solutions in the natural resources sector. The company is focused on sustainable business practices and has undertaken several initiatives for the upliftment and welfare of local communities.
Annanya Agarwal, who is driving this mission to make the resources sector more sustainable, is also passionate about promoting sports at the grassroots level. As the President of Vedanta Sports, he intends to take Indian Sports forward and has charted out a plan for the development for sports by ensuring that every child gets an opportunity to play and has access to good facilities along with an Excellence programme, setting up residential academies with world-class facilities across India.

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