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Rintu Rathod’s New Chocolate Sculpture Aims At Raising Awareness On Childhood Cancer

Celebrity Food sculpture Artist Rintu Rathod, in association with Access Life today unveiled her chocolate sculpture ‘Care is bigger than cancer’ as part of the awareness programme in connection with the International Childhood Cancer Awareness month observation. September is designated as the childhood cancer awareness month. It is observed in various fashions to honour and remember the children fighting the deadly disease and to raise awareness on the subject.
The sculpture that depicts a sleeping infant in an open palm is a representation of the children who are battling cancer and their caregivers be it parents, doctors, volunteers or others. It denotes the support and safety that a child feels in the arms of their caregiver. Designed by Rintu Rathod, the sculpture weighs 20 kg and is 2 feet long, 1.5 feet wide and 10 inches high. It is wholly made out of chocolate, with gold dusting on the palms to highlight the golden ribbon that represents childhood cancer.
“We connect Chocolate with childhood, it is incomplete without chocolates and sweets. But the children with cancer are not allowed to enjoy this. By creating this sculpture in Chocolate, I wanted to highlight the plight of the children who are deprived of little pleasures of a childhood. September is the childhood cancer awareness month and I am trying to create awareness and emphasis on the importance of helping the children and their family to get necessary treatment and support to bring them back to normal life. Access life is striving to do that. It is a free shelter for these kids and their families who come to Mumbai for treatment” said Rintu Rathod while unveiling the sculpture.
“September is the international month of raising awareness on Childhood Cancer. It is our constant endeavor to support and raise awareness on this topic and get as much as help to serve these children. The time is especially crucial as COVID has drowned all conversations around pediatric cancer patients. Many children are left with minimal to no treatment due to lockdown. It is imperative that we keep supporting this cause to ensure these children also get their fair chance at a normal childhood like any other child.” said Girish Nair, Founder & Chairman, Access Life Foundation.
Access Life also does various other activities in connection with Childhood Awareness Month, including the prestigious annual lighting up of Mumbai’s architectural marvel, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) and  Municipal Corporation buildings in golden colour that signifies the need for awareness about Childhood Cancer. This year marked the fifth consecutive year of illuminating the iconic structures for the cause.
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