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Proteon Pharmaceuticals partners with DuPont Animal Nutrition

Proteon Pharmaceuticals, a biotechnology company and leader in bacteriophage technology for livestock farming, the parent company of Vetphage Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, announced a strategic partnership with DuPont Animal Nutrition in distribution of Proteon’s innovative bacteriophage solutions.
The aim of the partnership is to bring Proteon’s bacteriophage technology to poultry producers in selected countries, with the help of DuPont’s trusted brand. The partnership will strengthen help to mitigate antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in farming animals.
The global threat of antimicrobial resistance inspired Proteon’s development of bacteriophage technologies. Modern analytics and omics technologies have enabled the company’s scientists to screen and identify bacteriophage candidates for specific bacterial challenges in livestock farming and aquaculture.
Solutions developed by Proteon have a significant impact on feed and food safety. “We strongly believe that bacteriophage-based products are the future of animal health and nutrition, and will help to reduce antibiotic use in livestock farming and aquaculture. Moreover, mitigating antimicrobial resistance will have a significant impact on consumer health as well,” said Jarosław Dastych, CEO, Proteon Pharmaceuticals. “We are excited to take this next step with DuPont to bring the benefits of bacteriophage technology, as a feed additive, to poultry producers globally.”
“Proteon Pharmaceuticals is a pioneer in bacteriophage technology used in animal farming. They have been developing this technology for over 10 years. It has been tested in Europe and Asia and proven in terms of efficacy and stability,” said Aart Materboer, Business Leader, DuPont Animal Nutrition. “This technology fits with our nutribiotic approach. We are pleased to add it to our range of solutions for poultry producers.”
“The main factors for initializing and establishing the partnership were the recognized branding of DuPont and the solid scientific approach of Proteon’s employees, as well as our leading position among peer companies globally,” said Nipun Gupta, Chief Commercial Officer, Proteon Pharmaceuticals.

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