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Myntra equips two biggest Fulfilment Centres with solar roof panels to reduce carbon footprint

In a mission towards reducing the carbon footprint and becoming a more responsible corporate citizen spearheading sustainable business efforts, Myntra has equipped two of its largest Fulfilment Centers (FC) with solar roof panels.
The solar panels at the two FCs located in Bhiwandi, near Mumbai and Bilaspur, near Gurgaon, are spread over 58,000 sq ft, generating electricity to meet 35% of the operational demand. The transition has been completed just ahead of the 13th edition of Myntra’s flagship End of Reason Sale (EORS), where over 50% of orders will be delivered from these FCs. The two FCs, out of the four, cater to the largest chunk of Myntra orders across a network of over 27,000 pin codes every day.

The fully installed solar rooftops are going to make the delivery process more environment-friendly as the company will now be able to lower its annual carbon footprint by 1825 metric tonnes, equivalent to reducing the emission impact of 400 cars on the road every year.

Speaking on the occasion, Amar Nagaram, CEO, Myntra said, “This development marks an important milestone in our journey on the path towards sustainability where we look at creating a positive impact on the environment and driving efficiency for the business. This is only a prelude to our efforts for being self-sufficient as, in the next leg of this initiative, we are going to increase our capacity for renewable energy generation.”
Myntra is committed to being an organisation with sustainability as a major goal and setting industry precedence to protect the environment at large. The company will be scaling up its existing energy-saving infrastructure while also setting ambitious milestones on sustainability and setting meaningful benchmarks in the e-commerce industry.
Currently, over 3800 solar panels have been installed on the rooftops of the two FCs and the company is making steady progress to double the capacity in the next six months to increase the positive impact on energy saving.
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