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M3M to Develop SmartClass in Government Schools through CSR in Nuh District of Haryana

Haryana, Nuh: Taking the Digital India mission forward, M3M Foundation today signed an MoU with the District Administration Nuh to develop 20 government schools as SmartClass in the Nuh district of Haryana. While the smart classroom setup is to be provided by NITI Aayog and M3M Foundation will support with capacity building of teachers as well as the preparation of the curriculum for the teachers. On the occasion, an MoU was signed by Mr. Ajay Kumar Singh, Deputy Commissioner, Nuh and Dr. Aishwarya Mahajan, President, M3M Foundation.
 Under the mandate of this agreement, the M3M Foundation will be responsible for strengthening the infrastructure of 20 government schools in Nuh, under its flagship ‘Saakshar’ program. The M3M Foundation will also facilitate all furniture support, by providing the chairs, desks as well as the digital support, through PCs and laptops for the schools. The Foundation will also extend full support to enhance the capacity of teachers and build the curriculum. They will provide a prescribed number of teachers in schools that do not have any, with the aim to improve the academic performance of all the students. The Nuh Deputy Commissioner, Mr. Ajay Kumar Singh acknowledged and appreciated the efforts of the M3M Foundation in the field of education.
On this occasion, Dr. Payal Kanodia, Trustee, M3M Foundation said, “We are extremely happy to sign this MoU with the District Administration of Nuh today. We will work towards strengthening the digital infrastructure of the government schools in Nuh. If the education system in schools inspires our children, then they in turn will be more determined to work towards achieving their educational goals. We firmly believe that children are the future of the country. With better education, all our children will go onto work towards the development of our nation. As we continue to nurture all the children under our wing, we are also working on plans to expand the scope and scale of our efforts further in the near future.”
This initiative will work towards the development of government schools of Nuh, Punhana, Nagina, Firozpur Jhirka and Tauru blocks of the district. With their tireless efforts, the M3M Foundation is working everyday towards the betterment of the children. This initiative by the M3M Foundation is sure to bring a positive change in the government schools of Nuh and give all the students a brighter future.
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