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Global CSR Report: Logitech Gives Back

Logitech is a world leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing products that help connect people to digital and cloud experiences. As a company, Logitech is small and flexible enough for every person to take the initiative and make things happen but big enough in portfolio and reach for those actions to have a global impact. That’s a unique position to be in.
We present excerpts from the company’s latest sustainability report.

1. Past and Present

Almost 40 years ago, Logitech created products to improve experiences around the personal computer (PC) platform. Today, it is a multi-brand, multi-category company designing products that enable better experiences consuming, sharing and creating any digital content, including computing, gaming, video and music.

1.1 Global presence

Logitech was founded in Switzerland in 1981 with a registered office and holding company (Logitech International S.A.) in Apples, Switzerland. Logitech Inc. is the firm’s principal, a wholly-owned subsidiary in the United States. The global footprint extends across North and South America, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and Asia Pacific. Its network of offices includes 24 Principal Offices (i.e. offices with more than 20 occupants) and a number of smaller (sales-focused) offices worldwide.
The Logitech family currently comprises seven master brands: Logitech, Logitech G, ASTRO Gaming, Streamlabs, Blue Microphones, Jaybird, and Ultimate Ears. With ever-increasing connectivity and consistent growth in time spent by people on computing platforms, they continue to innovate and grow market share for pointing devices, keyboards/ combos, tablets and other accessories and webcams.

2. Leaderspeak

2.1 Bracken Darrell, President and CEO, Logitech:

Bracken Darrell - CEO, Logitech“Logitech’s culture has long reflected our Swiss roots: humble, hard-working and growth-minded. In fact, it took us over a decade of progress to decide we were ready to speak out beyond this report about our sustainability progress and ambitions. Before that, we quietly worked inside our factory walls and offices to reduce our impact on the environment.
About two years ago, we decided that quietly working hard on sustainability wasn’t enough. The world isn’t moving fast enough to address the environmental and societal challenges that we all face. As much as we’ve done and as far we’ve come, we at Logitech aren’t moving fast enough either. So we decided to be more vocal.
We stepped (a little timidly) into the public eye and made promises. In 2019, we announced support of the Paris Agreement, pledging to reduce our corporate carbon footprint to support the ambitious goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C. We announced we will be powered exclusively by renewable electricity by 2030. And we let the world know we have neutralized the carbon footprint of our entire gaming product portfolio and will neutralize more of our business as we move ahead.
After being ranked 5th out of 145 tech companies for sustainability performance by Sustainalytics, we decided we would take further steps toward showing leadership in this area. We announced our carbon transparency commitment and became the first consumer electronics company to commit to providing carbon footprint labels on product packaging across our entire portfolio.
Our vision is a world where everything is labelled with its carbon impact (or neutrality), like calories on food labels. We believe transparency in this area will drive competition to reduce product carbon footprints and will give consumers the information to make choices based on not just features and price, but also environmental impact. We called on companies in every industry to join with us, for only together can we realize the change that is desperately needed.
We recognize that our business growth does not come without an environmental impact. While we have made progress, we have only just begun to hit our stride in designing our products and our organization for sustainability. Just as we are working toward a better planet, we are also working to do better for all people. We foster diversity within Logitech but have much more to do to ensure we better represent the communities we serve. We are becoming an outspoken champion for inclusion outside our own walls through corporate giving, supplier diversity programmes, accessible products, and much more to come.
We commit to being transparent in our efforts and expect to be held accountable for significant improvement in the years ahead. We are a company of committed believers that constant change is necessary. Change for the environment. Change for inclusion and equal playing field for all. While we want Logitech to be an inspiring company making a difference, we will remain a humble company always learning and growing.”

2.2. Prakash Arunkundrum, Head of Global Operations:

Prakash Arunkundrum, Logitech“For us at Logitech, sustainability is pervasive across all our activities and a reflection of our culture. We are reimagining product design throughout all lifecycle phases. Since last year, we have made multiple forward-looking public commitments and made good progress with our key environmental goals of improving carbon, and circularity of our products and our operations. You will see many examples of this progress throughout this report.
Our climate actions efforts are focused on 3R’s – Reduce, Renew and Restore. Our goal is to Reduce our carbon footprint in support of the 1.5°C goal to reduce global warming; Renew our footprint by using 100% renewable electricity; and what we are not able to reduce or renew we will Restore through investments in forestry while supporting climate-impacted communities.
To achieve our carbon reduction goal we have developed a number of lifecycle carbon, sustainable material and circularity analysis toolkits to inform and measure our progress. Our design for sustainability principles are integrated into our product development process. We have invested in new materials development and advanced sustainability research, in partnership with industry groups and academic institutions. These investments are helping us transition from product-level improvements to platform-level transformations.
We are increasingly using postconsumer recycled plastic resins in our products to create more circular supply chains and lower our product carbon footprint. We have established several packaging design principles to remove plastics and reduce weight, and are moving to FSC(R)-certified paper and vegetable-based ink. 88% of our global electricity demand is now sourced from renewable sources, nearing our RE100 commitment of 100% renewable electricity and we are working with our partners to make similar progress. We eliminate 131 tonnes of PVC contributing to our goal to be 100% PVC-free. We are 98% to our goal of complete conflict mineral certification and already at 100% for tungsten and tantalum. Last year we established a global recycling standard for end-of-life devices and have directly enabled recycling of over 50,000 tonnes of devices since CY10.
Our entire gaming portfolio, corporate travel, and our production facility are carbon neutral. We took this a step further by becoming the first consumer electronics company to commit to carbon transparency. We will share the lifecycle carbon footprint of all our products to drive better design decisions internally and for our consumers to better understand their carbon consumption. We are advocating for our industry peers to join us in carbon transparency and will share our know-how.
Externally, our approach is resonating with the industry and partners. The UN-sponsored World Benchmark Alliance has included Logitech in the SDG2000, a list of companies with the greatest potential to influence a more sustainable future. In 2019 and again in 2020, we won the World Finance Magazine Sustainability Award for our sector. We are also listed as a Leader in technology by Sustainalytics and maintained our inclusion on the FSTE4GOOD Index and Swiss SIX Sustainability Index as one of the ‘top 25 most sustainable Swiss companies’.
For the first time in an interconnected world, we witnessed the impacts of a global pandemic. In this time, I have seen how we as humans can adapt and positively improve our life on this shared planet. This sustainability report stands to reflect a mix of what we have done, what we are committed to doing, and how we will act to help others along the way.”

2.3 Kirsty Russell, Head of People and Culture

“The recent COVID-19 pandemic has shown that Logitech wants to, and is, driving change. From individuals helping neighbours with equipment to teach classes and run their businesses remotely, to our sites donating supplies, and using our sourcing strength to procure masks from around the globe. We are also donating products both in public and private.
In the past year, Logitech has put an invigorated focus on both people and communities because we have an ambition that ‘together we can drive big change.’ There’s no question that now, more than ever in our recent history, it is our responsibility to not only do what’s right for, and brings out the best in, our people; it’s our responsibility to help level the playing field for all people to create more fulfilling lives. And by dedicating ourselves to the communities in which we live and work, either as Logitech or by joining forces with others, we’re doing our part to create more inclusive communities and a more just society.
The following areas of this report will provide an overview and highlights of Logitech’s social handprint – our framework for making a positive impact on people – and the various ways we take this from theory to practice.
While this report is focused on the past year’s events, I’m compelled to fast-forward to today because it’s difficult not to address the unprecedented times we’ve all been navigating. And even through the challenges of today, I continue to be impressed by how every individual, team, and Logitech site continues to do whatever they can to give back to their local and professional communities.
In fact, our people’s dedication to bettering people and communities is such a common thread that we’ve expanded our cultural values to celebrate this, and to continue to demand it. For quite some time, we’ve taken pride in being Open & Ourselves, and Humble but Hungry, that we Decide & Do, and Collaborate but Challenge. We’ve now added Equality & Environment as a new cultural value.
The sentiment of the new value has always been in the company, but we are working harder than ever to offer equitable opportunity and equal access to resources no matter your gender identity, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation or other diversity dimension. There is so much we need to do, and so much that we’re ambitious to do; I am proud to be with a company and people that are up for the challenge.”

3. Sustainability at Logitech

The people at Logitech are acutely aware of the impact their activities can have, on our planet and society. That awareness motivates them to quantify, advocate, lead and drive changes, to transition to a more sustainable world. They are working to make sustainability pervasive across all activities and a reflection of the work culture.

3.1 Values and Culture

As a global company, varied people bring a broad array of diverse perspectives and unique experiences needed to innovate, understand different markets and pull together across the globe to make things happen locally and build competitive advantage.
The tech leader’s values and culture were articulated as an outcome of interactive roadshows in 2016, which were kicked off by the Chief Executive Officer and Head of People and Culture.
Values are included out here in onboarding and orientation and underpin employee recognition and awards programme, talent and development programmes and other initiatives. Site leaders regularly organize events, teamwork and news based on the value sets, to raise awareness and socialize values to new and existing employees.
This year, team Logitech introduced a new pair of values: Equality and Environment. Although their commitment to equality and the environment has been an integral part of the culture, they are now explicitly recognizing equality and environment as core values of the organisation for greater alignment and accountability internally and to demonstrate leadership and raise stakeholder awareness externally.

4. Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives

The company believes that giving back and driving change are not only corporate social responsibility (CSR), but a key aspect of their culture.
During FY20, employees across the company organized and delivered approximately 23 give back events across 13 cities in 9 countries, including Taiwan, India, USA, Mexico, Singapore, China, Ireland, United Arab Emirates and Switzerland.

4.1 Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association (BGCA), Hong Kong

Founded in 1936, the Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong (BGCA) is one of the longest-serving, local, charitable organizations in Hong Kong. BGCA works to raise awareness and support the welfare of children and young people, particularly from disadvantaged groups. A team of 11 employees accompanied children and their parents and BGCA social workers on a visit to the Hong Kong Science Park. This visit helped children from low income families learn more about how technology can change lives and introduced them to STEM concepts.

4.2 Casa De La Amistad, Mexico City

Casa de la Amistad’s (CDLA) mission is to help increase the survival rates of Mexican children and young people with cancer, from low income backgrounds. CDLA provides no-cost cancer treatment and accommodation for children and their families, as well as food, educational and emotional support. During a Logitech visit, employees donated items and entertained the children, with artistic activities.

4.3 Ramadan Breakfast Donation, Dubai

Ramadan is about caring, giving and a time of sacrifice for the Muslim community. When authorities in Dubai decided to provide refrigerators across Dubai city to serve the less fortunate, team Logitech helped stock by contributing food and beverages.

4.4 Adopt an Angel, San Francisco

The Adopt an Angel programme supports Alameda County Child Protective Services in the San Francisco Bay Area. During the holiday season, programme coordinators from the Adopt an Angel programme help children in care compile a “wish list” of items they would appreciate. Logitech’s Silicon Valley office has contributed to the programme for almost 20 years and in 2019, employees prepared more than 2,400 gifts, which were distributed to more than 800 children, living in group homes, shelters, foster care or low-income homes.

4.5 Evergreen School District Family and Community Resource Center, Camas

The Evergreen School Family and Community Resource Center gives students and families the tools they need to learn and grow. The center helps families with basic items, including school supplies, food, clothing, shoes and toiletries. They also help individuals to access community resources, while offering parenting resources, employment connections, continuing education, housing and utilities resources and early childhood education.
A number of children in the Evergreen School District have experienced homelessness and receive free or reduced-price lunches from the state, each year. Team Logitech in Camas hosted a shoe drive, to raise funds for the Center and donated ‘snacks’ for the state-funded lunches provided at schools.

4.6 Anaikkum Karangal Children’s Shelter, Chennai

Anaikkum Karangal is a children’s shelter run by Bhumi NGO. Employees from the Chennai office visited the shelter and made and donated notebooks and flashcards, which the children could use in school. Employees also set up fundraising events, gathered donations, prepared refreshments and hosted games, to raise funds and help six students through higher education, and support broader child welfare and women’s empowerment programmes.

4.7 Chung Yi Social Welfare Foundation, Taiwan

The Chung Yi Social Welfare Foundation was established in 1951 and has set up several homes in Taipei to provide housing and supportive services for disadvantaged children and young adults. Volunteers from our Taiwan Welfare Committee and Taiwan office set up a booth to wash, pack and sell fruit, coffee, cupcakes and children’s books, to raise funds and support Chung Yi’s Children’s Home.

4.8 Beach Clean-Up at Leo Carrillo State Park, California

The Leo Carrillo State Park was burned in the Woolsey Fire of November 2018, destroying the campground and park structures. A team of 27 employees held a beach clean-up initiative to support the restoration efforts.

4.9 Habitat for Humanity-Home and Playhouse Build, California

Habitat for Humanity builds homes and creates affordable home-ownership opportunities for low-income families in Marin, San Francisco, and San Mateo counties. Habitat East Bay/ Silicon Valley has partnered with the City of Fremont to build a 30 home development featuring a large community area for family and children to play as well as private decks and balconies. A team of volunteers from our SVC office helped to frame walls, build door and window packages and cut and sort lumbar during the construction of the second phase of the development.
Habitat volunteers coming together to work as a team and build playhouses for local families and community partners. A team of employees from the company’s SVC office participated in the programme and built three playhouses.

4.10 Cork Simon Community and Cobh Community Hospital, Ireland

Cork Simon Community works in solidarity with men and women who are homeless in Cork, offering housing and support to help them on their journey back to independent living. The community provides round-the-clock care for men and women whose health and other needs are such that they are not able to live independently. Cobh Community Hospital provides a residential home for the elderly. Residents are cared for, supported and valued in a person-centred environment that promotes the individual health and well-being of residents.
Team Logitech in Cork organized a number of activities to raise funds for both organizations and more than 60 employees participated in volunteering days to give both organizations a refreshing face-lift with lots of new plants, painting, cleaning and energy. They are incredibly proud of the work that both organizations undertake and were humbled to work with their teams.

4.11 Téléthon, Switzerland

Téléthon is a Swiss association that helps orphans and children with Myopathies (ASRIM) and Muscular Diseases (FSRMM). To help Telethon, a team of volunteers from the Lausanne office organized a fundraising lunch in our own cafeteria. With the funds that were raised, they made a donation to Telethon for medical research and social support for children. The team also participated in Handi-Challenge 2019 – the first public racing event for people with disabilities in Switzerland. Employees participated to support children who were taking part in the event.

4.12 Women’s Day Fundraiser for Charity:Water

Logitech celebrated International Women’s Day in 2020 with the theme “Share Your Passion.” As part of incorporating inclusive actions into work, Logitech, Logitech G, Blue Microphones and Ultimate Ears joined forces with their influencers to create a week of streams that invites streamers and employees from across the company to share their passion. In total, 9 influencers from across the global streamed throughout the week and raised over $50,000 USD for charity:water.
Charity:water is a non-profit organization whose goal is to bring clean and safe drinking water to developing countries. Scarcity of clean drinking water is an issue that especially impacts women, who are the primary water-gatherers in many households in developing countries. This celebration also provided an opportunity to role model inclusive gaming, which is a pillar of Logitech G’s philosophy. Participating in the fun, our CEO, Bracken Darrell was challenged to “do the floss”, as part of the fundraiser.

5. COVID-19 Relief

Across the world, in acts big and small, Logitech employees have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by taking action, to have a positive social impact on Healthcare, Education, and the communities that they touch.

5.1 Health Care

The Huoshenshan and Leishenshan local authorities established two emergency field hospitals, in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Despite lockdown conditions, employees in China managed to acquire and donate over 60 video-enabled telemedicine carts in only four days, to enable the start-up of the hospitals.
Logitech’s Design and Engineering team in Cork designed and 3D printed valves for snorkel-based ventilator masks, which were deployed at local hospitals in Cork. The team then engaged with a government-supported task force, to figure out how to optimize the prototype design, manufacture the first 400-500 valve sets for use in other local hospitals, and engage others to print thousands more sets for hospitals across Ireland to use.
The procurement team brought their skills to the table, by sourcing masks from across the globe, for distribution to health workers and hospitals. They distributed approximately 100,000 masks in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, followed by 15,000 masks in the U.S., Ireland, Switzerland, Italy and Netherlands, with another 100,000 planned for global distribution.
Logitech also donated $100K to the GlobalGiving Coronavirus Relief Fund. That initial donation was matched by a personal donation from President and CEO, Bracken Darrell.

5.2 Education

CSR of Logitech distributed thousand of webcams and headset bundles to K-12 teachers in the United States, to enable teachers to connect with students virtually and continue child education.

5.3 Communities

In Chennai, Logitech finances daily meals for employees, from the local Kadhir Dhaan /Eco kitchen. Employees chose to donate this benefit to Covid-19 health care workers, patient attendees, and staff of the Royapettah General Hospital and the Government Specialty Hospital (Omandur estate). From the CSR initiative, they were able to support 250 meals/ day for deserving people. Ultimate Ears Pro donated $10,000 to the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund, to assist music industry artists and professionals affected by the pandemic.

6. Future Plans

Starting 2021, Logitech has expanded the donation matching programme globally, and are implementing company-sponsored Volunteer Time Off. They are also expanding their programme to reflect a digital volunteering model, which will allow employees to access an even wider range of philanthropic opportunities.
In addition, they are making significant Diversity and Inclusion commitments that impact multiple stakeholder groups. For example, multi-year commitments to organizations that explicitly work to improve fairness and eradicate racism. Grants will be a multi-year commitment, starting with their Streamlabs’ ten year, $1,000,000 minimum commitment to address racial inequality.
Logitech will expand support of schools and nonprofits in under-supported communities with financial contributions, volunteering and product donations. They have partnered with Best Buy to fund and support a teen tech centre for the Boys’ and Girls’ Club in California and will target opportunities to support other STEAM centres in underserved communities.

Disclaimer: This report is largely comprised of extracts from the Logitech Sustainability Report published in 2020. It was prepared by their global Sustainability function, with inputs from key functions across the company and the oversight and approval of Logitech leaders.