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Heads Up For Tails Foundation and Water For Voiceless distribute water bowls to community animals in India

Mumbai, India: Julie, a street dog in Andheri navigates the streets, scavenging for water. Left to rely on the small bowls kept by some food stalls, Julie and countless other street dogs and cats in Mumbai often resort to drinking from makeshift sources, which might not have clean water. Julie is one among countless others. Year after year, a silent tragedy unfolds in the shadows of our world. Millions of animals succumb to the unforgiving grip of thirst or drinking contaminated water, which costs them their lives.
Recognizing the urgent need for clean drinking water, the HUFT Foundation has proudly partnered with Water for Voiceless, an NPO for the distribution of 2000 free water bowls in Mumbai as a pilot project through caretakers of the community animals and birds.
This has been made possible with the support of dedicated community members who have placed water bowls at various corners of the city. They are also committed to upkeep these bowls, replenishing the water, and keeping the bowl clean.
Speaking on the engagement, Samriddh Dasgupta, CMO of Heads Up For Tails, says, “Ensuring that community animals get access to clean drinking water is a core mission for the HUFT Foundation. What started as a vision from Rashi Narang, our founder, is today an enterprise committed to the well-being of community animals across the country. Water For Voiceless is an extremely reputable NPO committed to the same cause as us. We are excited to take this initiative to the rest of the country throughout the year.”
“Water for Voiceless is distributing the bowls through our extended network, we are able to drive distribution at scale. We started this project 9 years back. Today, we have distributed over 70,000 free water bowls and are operational in 27 cities across 11 states, nurturing a network of volunteers dedicated to the cause. Our pilot with The HUFT Foundation has been extremely successful. It is a privilege to have like-minded, mission-aligned partners like Heads Up For Tails, who have the ability to help us scale our ambition”, says Sunny Hastimal Jain, Founder of Water for Voiceless.
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