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CSR: Sodexo co-creating jobs for disadvantaged youth in the aftermath of COVID-19

The economic impact of the pandemic has been significant with millions of people struggling across the world and many losing their jobs or at risk of doing so. Sodexo has been working globally to support communities and improve the Quality of Life of people. In India, Sodexo recently associated with the NGO, Antarang Foundation, to help mitigate the effects on sections of society impacted by Covid-19.
With the aim to give back to the society, Sodexo BRS India is working in association with Antarang Foundation to enable youth from disadvantaged sections, further impacted by Covid-19, by engaging them in delivering its Quality of Life Solutions. The objective is to help train individuals and develop skills. The process started with the team at Sodexo co-creating job descriptions with Antarang. The teams have been working to shortlist and identify candidates.
Antarang Foundation works to bridge the employability gap that exists amongst the country’s disadvantaged youth by promoting skill development through various career-focused trainings and programmes. These programmes emphasize building aspirations among youth and enabling them to make informed career choices.
Team Sodexo has been providing training to candidates on processes as well as safety and hygiene measures. The efforts have started yielding results with the first few batches of candidates under this association engaged in multiple projects from managing client helpdesks during roll-out of Meal services to working with the Sodexo Operations team on key projects.
Priya Dronadula, VP IT & Operations says, “Making a difference in the lives of people and the communities we operate in is a part of Sodexo’s mission to enhance the Quality of Life of stakeholders. Our association with Antarang to provide employment opportunities is our way of supporting the youth from disadvantaged sections and improving their Quality of Life. We will continue working on such associations to enhance skills for youth in an inclusive way.”

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