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CSR: Paree supports women’s football with Oscar Foundation

Paree, a homegrown sanitary pad brand, strives to support young women and empower them by building a community that puts them first. In its endeavour to encourage young girls to fulfill their dreams and reach their highest potential, Paree in partnership with InnoVen has collaborated with Oscar Foundation Mumbai, to persuade women to take the right steps towards maintaining their personal health along with excelling in their career.
Oscar Foundation is a non-profit, dedicated to empowering youth in low-income communities in India and teach them essential life skills. Every year, they organize football tournaments aimed at preparing young women to be the football force of India, not only for professional purposes, but to impart a general sense of team spirit, but be successful, happy and healthy in life.
Paree supported the girl’s football team by providing them kits and Paree Sanitary Pads at the football tournaments along with bringing the importance of feminine hygiene to the forefront through awareness sessions. Through this association, Paree also aimed at encouraging young girls to hone their leadership and life skills.
Sahil Dharia, Chief Executive Officer and founder, Soothe Healthcare “Young women are the backbone of the future, and providing them with a strong foundation of life skills is important. At Paree we believe every girl should be given the opportunity to grow and be the leader, and if we can contribute in any way to support their dreams, we will. This association with Oscar Foundation aligns with our endeavour to provide a fruitful future for every girl, from every walk of life. We are also looking forward to a year-long association with Oscar Foundation to support the football coaching of girls.”
Paree joins hands with the organization in an attempt to infuse interest in education and bring light to the importance of menstrual hygiene in order to encourage girls to overcome the challenges and to put their needs first.
“We are delighted to enhance our partnership with InnoVen Capital, we are immensely proud to work with them for such an initiative” Sahil added.
On the association Ashok Rathod, Founder and Director, OSCAR Foundation said, “It was wonderful seeing our Young Leaders and staff engage with the parents of our beneficiaries at Fort, Goregaon and Powai in Mumbai. I thank them for being so sporting and participating in our football activities on the ground. With the support of brands like Paree, we hope to reach out to even more young women in the future.”

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