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CSR News: Tata Steel BSL plants 25,000 trees using Japanese Miyawaki method

Tata Steel BSL (formerly Bhushan Steel) has launched a Miyawaki Plantation Project within its plant premises at Sarvoli, Khopoli in Maharashtra. Miyawaki is an afforestation technique developed by Japanese scientist Akira Miyawaki to grow dense plantations in a short time. Compared to the conventional method of afforestation, Miyawaki forest grows 10 times faster, is 100 times more biodiverse and covers 30 times greener surface area.
The Miyawaki method also enables up to 30 times or more Carbon Dioxide absorption as compared to conventional forests. The process followed is 100% organic and is self-sustaining and requires no maintenance after 2 years. The new afforestation CSR project, launched with technical support of Enviro Creator Foundation, is spread over 2 acres of land with 25,000 trees belonging to 29 local tree varieties.
The CSR project was launched by Rajeev Singhal, Managing Director, Tata Steel BSL in the presence of Sanjib Nanda, Chief Finance Officer, Tata Steel BSL, Kapil Modi, Executive Plant Head, Tata Steel BSL (Khopoli & Hosur), V Bindoo, VP, Production LDP, Abhishek Sinha, Head Finance and Account Control along with the company’s environment team. Dr Radhakrishna Nair, Co-Founder of Enviro Creator Foundation was also present at the occasion. The Miyawaki forest cover will support 29 native species including as Jamun, Sitafal, Neem, Kaju and many others.
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