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CSR News: Mobile Gaming With a Purpose

To bring a change in the world, there is a need for a collective transformation in attitude and behavior of the society. With this thought at its core, Dropledge, a Mumbai-based tech enterprise, recently launched ‘Ocean Heroes- Make Ocean Plastic Free’, a mobile game to promote clean oceans and raise awareness of the dangers of plastic to marine life amongst the community.
The company intends to propagate a simple thought that can create a positive impact on issues in the society and environment through a memorable gaming experience. 
Ocean Heroes looks at increasing the reach and awareness about plastic pollution in oceans and protection of marine life. In this game, as the user progress through various levels, he or she has the aim of collecting as much plastic waste from the ocean as possible while saving the marine life and helping in cleaning up the ocean resulting into collection of credits by recycling garbage.
This application creates an experience of making a difference for the users and enables attitude and behavioural transformation in the form of taking pledges. It allows users to directly support partnered NGO – SagarShakti focusing on coastal and marine bio-diversity and habitat conservation.  
Speaking on the launch of Ocean Heroes, Sonia D’Souza-Bhavsar, Co-Founder, Dropledge said, “Issues of global scale cannot be solved with handful individuals, and it needs participation from a collective society. At Dropledge, we are aiming at empowering a cause through engagement and gamification towards a social, behavioural and environmental change.” 
Sheetal Kadam, Co-Founder, Dropledge, added, “The gamified initiative not only caters to gamers, but to also bring in collective awareness, engagement and real action towards the cause of saving marine life and ensuring we keep our oceans clean.” 
With the philosophy of ‘Where Play Is Purpose’, Dropledge envisions a large community and collective participation to eradicate societal and environmental issues through a gamified, shareable and memorable experience.