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CSR: FUJIFILM India amplifies TB Detection and Prevention Programs

FUJIFILM India at Goodricke Tea Estate, Assam
New Delhi, India: In line with the Government of India’s ambitious mission to eradicate tuberculosis (TB) from the country by 2025, FUJIFILM India launched the Never Stop Screening to Reduce Diagnostic Delays campaign in 2021. As part of the campaign, FUJIFILM India, in collaboration with its partners, is conducting door-to-door TB awareness and screening campaigns via the mobile TB detection machine, focusing on educating the hard-to-reach populations in targeted regions about TB symptom recognition and the importance of early detection. In the first phase of the Never Stop Screening project, FUJIFILM India primarily targeted the Northern belt of the country, reached over 1 million individuals, and screened 12,000 people with TB symptoms.
In the same spirit, the second phase is focused on marginalized communities in the western, southern, and eastern regions of India. The unwavering commitment of FUJIFILM India to combat tuberculosis (TB) in these areas can be determined by their significant investments and relentless TB detection campaigns in 3 states: Kerala, Assam & Gujarat of India.
With a steadfast commitment to supporting the TB eradication campaign, the company, through its CSR initiative, extended sample and supply assistance for sputum testing in private labs, enabling efficient and timely diagnosis. In addition to this, it has committed to aid 6000 nutrition support kits to TB-positive patients in Assam, Kerala, and Gujarat, ensuring they receive the essential dietary support for their recovery. Furthermore, recognizing the importance of advanced diagnostics, FUJIFILM India equipped the Goodricke tea estate in Assam with a cutting-edge Micro-Biology Based TB Detection machine. It also contributed essential equipment and additional support including testing from private labs and sputum testing, to bolster the fight against TB in the targeted regions.
Speaking about the myriads of initiatives FUJIFILM India is taking to accelerate the ‘TB MUKT BHARAT’ mission of the Government of India, Mr. Koji Wada, Managing Director, FUJIFILM India, averred, “The TB Screening Campaign of FUJIFILM India is my brainchild to use our technology to reach the difficult terrains and bottom of the pyramid who are difficult to be reached. The Fujifilm Handheld X-ray Device has been a game-changer since it has reached remote and rough terrains in 3 states including Assam, Gujarat, and Kerala.
Our CSR Support is also inspired from PM Modi’s ‘Ni-kshay Mitra’ campaign where we have committed to providing nutrition support to approximately 1000 TB Patients who are diagnosed from our campaign for a period of 6 months to improve their nutritional intake and help them recover. Also, microbiology testing machines and other goods support to the existing Never Stop Screening campaign that will provide speed to the campaign that we have already undertaken.”
FUJIFILM India is actively engaged in a range of impactful initiatives including Nutrition Support for TB/DR TB Patients program, conducting TB screening campaigns using AI-enabled portable X-Ray-X-Air devices in remote areas, facilitating Scutum testing and sampling through local diagnostic centers, and implementing the TB Eradication, Awareness, and Management (TEAM) Program across three states.
Mr. Abhi Shekhar Singh, Vertical Head, Corporate Communications and CSR said “The Fujifilm Group’s approach to corporate social responsibility is to contribute to the sustainable development of society by putting our Corporate Philosophy into practice through sincere and fair business activities. We have worked with multiple partners to drive this mammoth activity which is a supply-chain challenge to reach remote areas with nutrition support and equipment. Our vision as a healthcare leader is to support the cause of a healthy nation through various CSR activities.”





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