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CSR: Etsy partners with Samhita Social Ventures to enable thousands of artisans across India

Etsy, the global marketplace for unique and creative goods, has partnered with Samhita Social Ventures –a –social impact organization that promotes collaboration and innovation to achieve a sustainable and equitable future for all– to provide market access and enablement support to more than 25,000 small sellers, weavers and artisans across India.
As a part of the partnership, Etsy is onboarding artisans from the Samhita Social Ventures’ ecosystem onto its global marketplace and opening the opportunity for them to access a wider market for their products. To help participating sellers start their online selling journey and run their shops, Etsy will provide them with digital enablement and training workshops including modules on online selling and entrepreneurship. Etsy will also be granting these sellers a fixed amount of free ad credits and waive off listing fees for a period of time.
Pankaj Jathar, Vice President and Country Head India, Etsy, said, “Etsy’s vision is to ‘Keep Commerce Human’, and we are committed to using the power of our business to empower small sellers and entrepreneurs globally – knowing that by doing so, we in turn empower and improve communities. India is home to millions of artisans who are doing incredible work but lack the avenue to showcase it beyond a certain region. We want to help enable these micro-entrepreneurs and artisans to become digitally comfortable and support them with wider opportunities to sell in India and globally.”
Priya Naik, Founder-CEO, Samhita Social Ventures said, “India’s handicrafts sector is highly fragmented and faces numerous challenges such as limited digital infrastructure and access to markets. Our collaboration with Etsy is aimed at enhancing digital literacy and offering improved market linkage channels to India’s artisans. By bridging the gap between traditional handicrafts and modern digital commerce, we aim to create new opportunities for India’s artisans to showcase their unique creations to a global audience and create a more inclusive and sustainable future for the sector.”
This partnership will help local products from India in various categories –such as handloom, weaving, wooden toys, pottery, grass and bamboo products, accessories and more– become available online for millions of buyers on the Etsy platform. Etsy has been in India since 2018 and is committed to empowering small businesses and strengthening communities across the country.
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