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CSR support to build unit for floor cleaner production from organic waste in Delhi

New Delhi, India: As Yuva Bharat takes centre-stage, H&M has come forward to support a social enterprise proposed by a group of youth from the Gokulpuri intervention area of NGO Bal Raksha Bharat.
The establishment is a ground-breaking bio-enzyme-based floor cleaner production unit in Gokulpuri, New Delhi, and aims to revolutionize waste management to create sustainable livelihoods in the region. The production unit will focus on manufacturing organic floor cleaner and fertilizer utilizing citric fruit peels as the primary raw material. By harnessing the power of natural ingredients, the project not only addresses the challenge of fruit waste disposal but also provides new employment opportunities in the local community. Organic production process is followed in the unit; hence, no special machinery is required in it.
This enterprise was chosen from Bal Raksha Bharat ‘s Youth Innovation Action Lab (YIAL), a unique incubation programme that brings together a cohort of youth and adolescents from humble backgrounds to identify problems faced by them and their communities, and develop & pilot innovative solutions to address those challenges.
The production unit, operated by a dynamic team of nine local youths through a partnership firm, is poised for a successful venture. In its inaugural cycle, the unit aims to produce 976 liters within the first 90 days, each priced at a competitive Rs. 150 per liter. With a strategic approach to market penetration, the product will initially target local consumers, leveraging community engagement and word-of-mouth promotion. Subsequently, expansion into broader marketing channels such as online shopping, social media platforms, and other avenues will be pursued, ensuring widespread visibility and accessibility.
The manufacturing process of the floor cleaner involves a meticulous balance of jaggery, fruit peels, and water, mixed in a specific ratio (1:3:10). This carefully crafted blend undergoes a 90-day fermentation process in open-mouth HDPE plastic containers, ensuring the development of potent bio-enzymes. Upon completion of the fermentation period, the mixture is meticulously filtered and separated, yielding approximately 90% of high-quality floor cleaner. The remaining material is repurposed to create organic fertilizer, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and resource efficiency.
Speaking on the occasion, Sudarshan Suchi, Chief Executive Officer of Bal Raksha Bharat, expressed enthusiasm for the project’s potential impact on both environmental conservation and economic empowerment. “Empowering children, youth & the community is at the core of our work. This also is a significant step towards realisation of a Yuva Bharat. We thank H&M for collaborating with us to support initiatives that harness the potential of India’s young population for national development, empowerment, and progress. Through this partnership, we not only mitigate environmental pollution but also empower local communities through job creation.”
Speaking at the inaugural event, Karishma Vohra, Head, Sustainability & CSR, H&M, congratulated the team, and said, “The launch of this production unit marks a significant milestone in the journey towards a circular economy and underscores the power of collaboration in driving positive change. Bal Raksha Bharat and H&M remain committed to fostering innovation and sustainability, paving the way for a brighter, cleaner future.”
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