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CSR: APM Terminals Pipavav builds two check dams in Kumbhariya to assist the local community 

Pipavav, India: APM Terminals Pipavav has developed two new check dams for the locals of Kumbhariya village as a part of its ongoing Water Resource Management (WRM) initiative. The new check dams with storage capacity of 0.08 Million Cubic Feet (MCFT) will support local households in accessing drinking water & water for irrigation to a population of around 1,200.
This is the third check dam built by APM Terminals Pipavav in the village, and the 12th overall as part of the port’s commitment to the community. In addition to check dams, APM Terminals Pipavav has also built lift irrigation system, protection walls, protection bunds, roof rainwater harvesting structures, farm ponds, well recharging systems, sanitation units and bathrooms for the community under WRM initiative.
APM Terminals Pipavav has been contributing to the community development for over a decade with multiple initiatives, and these latest check dams will help to improve water availability and support sustainable agriculture in the area. The port is supporting over thousands of households with these initiatives and has created livelihood opportunities for the villagers.
APM Terminals Pipavav is dedicated to promoting sustainable development and social responsibility in the communities where it operates, and these latest WRM initiatives are a testament to the company’s commitment to creating a better future for all.




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