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CSR: Health Camps For Truck Drivers

Shell Truck Drivers Health Camp

Truck drivers in India lead a very unhealthy lifestyle. They are mentally and physically unhealthy many times for being away from family, working long hours and surviving in unhygienic conditions. Truck drivers control 65% of freight traffic in India which is based on road transportation. It is worth an effort to improve their lifestyles in order to keep the economy growing.

In an attempt to contribute towards improvement of healthcare facilities for these very important characters of the Indian economy, Shell Lubricants India has announced free health camps for truck drivers and mechanics, commencing from 26 April 2018. The camps are held at the Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar, Delhi. They are aimed at encouraging regular heath check-ups for truck drivers and its importance for their ‘on-road’ performance.

Inaugurated by Ms. Mansi Madan Tripathy, Country Head, Shell Lubricants India Cluster and Mr. Gareth Flood, Chief Marketing Officer, Shell Lubricants India, the Delhi health camp is the first of five that will be introduced at various locations across India. The Delhi camp witnessed over 200 participants on the first day and is set to continue for a month. Truck drivers are provided free health examinations and counsel, after testing for BMI, blood pressure and sugar levels among other vitals. These are administered under the supervision of trusted medical service providers.

This intervention by Shell is a testament to their commitment towards ensuring a holistic development of their driver partners and mechanics and contributing to a safe driving environment. The health camps will address the health needs of truck drivers and contribute to their overall well-being and driving performance while potentially preventing accidents.

Commenting on the initiative, Ms. Mansi Madan Tripathy, said, “At Shell India, we believe that ensuring road safety is imperative for all. Extending this belief across our operations, we not only strive to provide premium care to our valuable partners across operations, but also aim to give our best to the society at large. This initiative is an attempt to celebrate the unsung heroes who work tirelessly to deliver an exceptional standard of service. We are positive that our attendees will find these camps beneficial and adopt recommended health check-ups as a regular practice.”

Shell is also inviting truck drivers, mechanics and their families to participate in health camps in Agra, Jaipur, Lucknow and Ambala, in its endeavor to spread awareness about the importance of being healthy and safe on the road.

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