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CP Avant treated 500 elders at NGO Earth Saviours to a delicious meal

CP Group of companies distributed free meals of Five Star, their QSR, to 500 veterans. CP Avant Pvt. Ltd (CPAPL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Charoen Pokphand Group (CPG), Thailand reached out to veterans with meal boxes. This drive took place in collaboration with NGO Earth Saviours which provides shelter to abandoned senior citizens and mentally challenged people.
The activity culminated yesterday by the two subsidiaries of the group: CP Avant Pvt. Ltd. and CP Foods. Kasinn Khaowprasert, Director, CP Avant Pvt. Ltd. expressed, “The pandemic has critically impacted the lifestyle of weaker sections, incapacitated them for even fulfilling basic needs. Our team highlighted such difficulty faced by the people and decided to serve one in need this World Food Day.”
The actions scheduled are an extension of the social commitment of the company which is tirelessly working to bring quality food to an increasingly larger number of people, Kasin added. Nearly 690 million people still go hungry and over 2 billion people do not have regular access to safe, nutritious and sufficient food. The COVID-19 pandemic could add between 83-132 million people to this number, depending on the economic growth scenario, states the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations.
Ravi Kalra, Founder, Earth Saviours Foundation, said, “Undoubtedly, food is the basic human right and everyone deserves to have three proper meals a day for a healthy living. We, at our NGO, provide shelter to abandoned senior citizens, underprivileged and mentally disabled people. Despite challenges such as pandemics, CP Avant has come forward to strengthen the food system and livelihood of less privileged people. It’s nice to see that restaurants are working selflessly and delivering food to the underprivileged sections of society.”
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