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CSR: Commitment towards Health Needs with a 1-day Blood Donation Drive at Chitradurga

IOK Blood Donation Drive
Vedanta Sesa Goa – Iron Ore Karnataka, in association with the District Hospital, Chitradurga, organized a 1-day Blood Donation Drive at the IOK premises. The drive, aimed at bolstering local blood supplies and fostering community health, witnessed an overwhelming response from volunteers and donors.
The event, organized with meticulous planning and adherence to safety protocols, brought together employees, Business Partners, Union members, workmen, mine labourers and various stakeholders with the common goal of saving lives. Amidst the backdrop of Valentine’s Day, participants demonstrated an unparalleled spirit of compassion and solidarity, symbolizing love in its purest form by giving the gift of life. A total of 45 units of blood of different blood groups was collected, at the end of the 1-day drive.
“We are thrilled by the remarkable turnout and the collective enthusiasm displayed by the community,” stated Mr. Shrishaila Gouda, CEO of Vedanta Sesa Goa – Iron Ore Karnataka. “This blood donation drive exemplifies our unwavering commitment to the well-being of the communities we serve. By partnering with the District Hospital, Chitradurga, we have not only reinforced the local blood banks but also underscored the importance of corporate social responsibility in addressing critical healthcare needs. The response that we have received from our donors reiterates our commitment to community welfare and our underlying motto of ‘Giving back’ to the society, through our initiatives.”
The collaboration between Vedanta Sesa Goa – Iron Ore Karnataka and the District Hospital underscores the collaborative impact of such initiatives in addressing pressing healthcare needs & challenges. The Drive also served as a platform for raising awareness about the importance of regular blood donation, promoting a culture of volunteerism & dispelling myths surrounding the process.
The success of the blood donation drive carries forward Vedanta Sesa Goa – Iron Ore Karnataka’s commitment towards society & overall community welfare & validates Vedanta’s core philosophy of ‘giving back’ to society & #TransformingCommunities through meaningful initiatives and measures.
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