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NGO to celebrate Independence Day with #MissionSwades, to serve 10 million underprivileged in 1000 villages

Robin Hood Army
Robin Hood Army (RHA)- a volunteer-based zero-funding organisation has been helping underprivileged people across the globe through their various initiatives. On the occasion of Independence Day, RHA plans to execute another philanthropic campaign called #MissionSwades to fight against hunger in the rural areas of India and fill plates for the people in need.
Through #MissionSwades, Robin Hood Army will focus on serving 10 million meals in 1000 villages. The team will deliver nourishing meals and rations to their fellow citizens, targeting the most marginalized populations. They will ensure that each city adopts between 2-5 villages within a 50 km radius. The mission will also focus on establishing a long-term outreach to rural India by building food, logistics, and mobilization networks to ensure that hundreds of villages get a constant supply of rations through the cities every month.
Monk Entertainment (Monk-E), a digital media company, also known for being the ‘creator first agency’ in India has pledged to lend support to RHA. Through their association, Monk-E will ensure that #MissionSwades reaches people across India and garners support and volunteers from each region of India.
Through their vast roster of well-known and celebrated names, Monk-E will stand strong with the Robin Hood Army in their substantial initiative #MissionSwades which is a collective societal endeavour to unite everyone to come together and provide millions of meals to the less fortunate across villages.
Akshat Jain, leading #MissionSwades from India said, “The largest pockets of hunger lives in the roots of our country- our villages. If we have to fight hunger at scale, focusing on rural India has to be the next base. We are excited to build towards this mission with #MissionSwades.”
“For Monk Entertainment, it is a heartwarming opportunity to serve our country in association with the Robin Hood Army. We are delighted to help amplify the message of #MissionSwades to the farthest corners of our country and in doing so, ensure to raise awareness and onboard more volunteers for a good cause. We are extremely honoured and delighted to serve the underprivileged of our country and play a small role in Robin Hood Army’s mission” said Viraj Sheth- CEO and Co-Founder of Monk Entertainment.
Robin Hood Army aims to fight hunger at the grass root level, ensuring that more people are aware of #MissionSwades and people across India participate to bring a radical change in eliminating hunger from the roots of our country.
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