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CSR Initiative Intensifies Efforts to Make Bareilly Malaria-Free

Mortein Malaria
As the world commemorates World Malaria Day, Mortein, in collaboration with Prayatna, announced the launch of a school malaria curriculum and a unique mosquito sculpture public installation in Bareilly, as part of its Mission Zero Malaria program.  To educate the community on malaria prevention with focus on making Bareilly malaria-free, Mortein Mission Zero Malaria joined forces with renowned artist Dr. Bibhuti Adhikary to create a striking public installation dedicated to raising awareness about mosquito-borne diseases, particularly malaria.
Malaria remains a significant public health challenge, particularly in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, where Bareilly district alone accounted for a high percentage of the state’s malaria cases, underscoring urgent need for targeted interventions. Since its inception in 2023, Mortein Mission Zero Malaria strives to raise health awareness and drive behavioral change among communities in Bareilly.
Gaurav Jain, Executive Vice President, Reckitt – South Asia, said, “The elimination of malaria by 2030 is a critical global and national public health objective. At Reckitt, we uphold the belief that access to health is not a privilege, but a fundamental right for all. As we observe World Malaria Day, we are proud to leverage art and culture to convey the message that while malaria is a serious threat, it can be prevented through effective mosquito control, timely diagnosis, and proper treatment. Given that Bareilly is a land of public art installations, we believe this unique sculpture will serve as a perpetual reminder to mobilize the Bareilly community to remain vigilant until we achieve a malaria-free environment.”
Pratik Kumar, President, Prayatna said, “On this World Malaria Day, we are happy to partner with Reckitt as we stand united in our commitment to combatting one of the oldest and deadliest foes humanity has faced – Malaria. Together, with collective action and unwavering determination, we can beat malaria. Let us stand together in solidarity, not just today, but every day until we achieve our goal of a malaria-free Bareilly and a malaria-free world.” 
Sonali Khan, Managing Director, Sesame Workshop India said, “As we embark on the Mission Zero Malaria journey with Mortein and Prayatna, Sesame Workshop India proudly introduces an engaging school malaria curriculum with quirky characters like Malaria Jasoos, Malaria Police, Malaria Guru, and Miss Malaria to educate children. Our goal is to bridge the gap between knowledge and practice, instilling critical attitudes towards malaria prevention through engaging content. The educational kit, Stop Malaria Club, aligned with STEM curriculum, not only prevents malaria but also nurtures a generation of informed, responsible citizens. Sesame Workshop India focuses on empowering children with tools to understand the breeding cycle, recognize symptoms, and take proactive measures.” 
The mosquito installation at the Machhar Chowk of Bareilly, akin to the iconic Polio Chowk in Moradabad and the ‘Statue of Unity’ in Gujarat, aims to spark conversations and sensitize schools, communities, organizations, and healthcare professionals, on the importance of malaria prevention and control. The artwork features an 18-foot-tall structure adorned with three pillars and three mosquitoes, serving as a poignant reminder of the threat posed by mosquitoes. The sculpture will have 3 lights that will change colours based on the pattern of mosquito infestation in the city: Green for when there is no need to fear malaria/mosquito infestations, Orange when there is an outbreak of cases of malaria in the city and Red when the cases are increasing, and people need to protect themselves. 
Sculpture Artist, Dr. Bibhuti Adhikary said, “For an artist, the opportunity to make a profound social impact through their art is unparalleled. When Reckitt approached me about creating a public art installation addressing malaria, I recognized the immense potential of the project. Embracing Reckitt’s vision, I brought it to life using my artistic skills. As an artist, I strongly believe in the idea that art is not what you see, but what you make others see. If this artwork succeeds in raising awareness about malaria and encourages the community in Bareilly to take collective necessary measures, it will have achieved its purpose.”
Based on ‘Know. Act. Control’ framework, Mortein along with Sesame Workshop India developed a comprehensive school malaria curriculum with the aim to educate and raise awareness among children. Tailored for children aged 5-15 years, the curriculum comprises of engaging educational materials such as Malaria Activity sheets, Macchar Hunt Books, Malaria Calendars, Malaria Suraksha Chakras, and Stop Malaria Club badges along with fun characters to effectively communicate with children. The school malaria curriculum aims to reach over 4 lakh children across 850 schools in the district of Bareilly, equipping them with essential knowledge and empowering them to become agents of change within their communities by adopting desired behaviour change practices.
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