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CSR: Medical equipment donated to AIIMS Delhi Burns Ward as part of CSR Initiative

Gautam Solar, among India’s Top 10 Solar Module Manufacturers, reaffirms its commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) by making a donation of state-of-the-art medical equipment to the Department of Plastic, Reconstructive & Burns Surgery of the All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) Delhi, among India’s best hospitals. This gesture marks a crucial step in Gautam Solar’s ongoing efforts to contribute to the well-being and advancement of the local community.
The generous donation includes multiple medical equipment, including a shower trolley and multiple shower panels imported from a Sweden-headquartered global medical technology company. These equipment (which amount to more than Rs. 22 lakhs) are designed to bolster AIIMS Delhi’s capabilities in providing assistance and care for patients suffering from burns. By providing these essential tools for effective treatment and improved patient care, Gautam Solar aims to play a pivotal role in elevating healthcare standards in New Delhi and beyond.
“We are honored to work with AIIMS Delhi in this important endeavor to enhance healthcare quality,” said Mr. Gautam Mohanka, CEO of Gautam Solar. “Our commitment to corporate social responsibility goes beyond business operations; it’s about making a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals and communities. This donation is part of our efforts in contributing to the improvement of healthcare system of the country, consequently leading to the betterment of society.”
AIIMS Delhi’s leadership expressed their gratitude for the donation, acknowledging the significant positive impact it will have on patient care. “We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Gautam Solar for their unwavering support,” said Manish Singhal, HOD, Department of Plastic, Reconstructive & Burns Surgery at AIIMS Delhi. “This donation will be beneficial for patients as they need to be showered before surgery to reduce chance of infection. It was a painful process for them but using these machines, the process will be automated and they will experience less pain. These machines can be conveniently sanitized by the caregivers.”
As part of its broader CSR strategy, Gautam Solar remains dedicated to creating a positive impact on society and contributing to the betterment of the communities it serves.
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