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Automobile company launches ‘Samarth’ , an initiative supporting specially abled people in India

New Delhi, India: Hyundai Motor India Ltd. (HMIL) India’s first smart mobility solutions provider and largest exporter since its inception today launched ‘Samarth’ initiative for the awareness and enablement of people with disabilities in India. The initiative is aligned with Hyundai’s global vision of ‘Progress for Humanity’ that aims to enable an inclusive, progressive world through the power of mobility. Through this initiative, Hyundai aims to help create a more aware and sensitized society towards people with disabilities in India.
With over 26.8 million differently abled people in India, Hyundai understood the need for creating awareness in the society towards disabilities. With the launch of ‘Samarth’, Hyundai Motor India is India’s first automobile company to launch an inclusive mobility project at a mass scale.
Hyundai will partner with NGOs and media network to create a mass movement while also aligning Hyundai dealerships and network to become more inclusive. With technology, partnerships, product innovations, and storytelling, ‘Samarth’ aims to turn the world into a level-playing field for all.
Commenting on the launch of ‘Samarth’ initiative, Mr. Un Soo Kim, MD & CEO, HMIL said, “We don’t just make cars but also believe in empowering India, and to empower India, we undertake social initiatives under the pillars of- Earth, Mobility and Hope. These are aligned with Hyundai’s global vision of ‘Continue’ and propagate ‘Progress for Humanity’. Samarth is a manifestation of this belief. We are pleased to announce the launch of ‘Samarth’ initiative, which is a step towards creating a more aware and inclusive society towards differently abled in India. We aim to cultivate a more equitable and sensitized society for the differently abled and want them to see their true capabilities.”
Speaking at the launch of the new Initiative, Mr. Shah Rukh Khan, said, “Hyundai Motor India Foundation (HMIF) (CSR arm of Hyundai Motor India) in partnership with GoSports Foundation, a 15-year-old national award-winning foundation, is starting an exclusive programme to provide holistic support to para-athletes in India towards the quest for Paralympics. The programme will support a mix of emerging & elite athletes in both team events and individual sports to promote equity for the community of people-with-disabilities, foster a culture of innovation, upskill through vocational education, and positively impact the para-sports ecosystem to inspire the nation.”

Partnership with GoSports Foundation & Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled

Hyundai Motor India Foundation (HMIF) (CSR arm of Hyundai Motor India) in partnership with GoSports Foundation is starting an exclusive program to provide holistic support to para athletes in India. The program will support athletes in both team sports and individual sports to promote inclusivity, foster a culture of innovation and bring impact in the parasports ecosystem to inspire the nation.
HMIF is also partnering with Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled and will support differently abled individuals with assistive devices. Along with this, HMIF & Samarthanam will create a program which will utilize blind cricket as a platform in pursuit of physical & social development of the visually impaired in India. Through this partnership HMIF will support visually impaired cricketers by organising various training camps for grass root and national level visually impaired cricketers. The program will also organise International Bilateral series for national Blind cricket team giving them bigger platforms to showcase their talent.

HMIL Internalization efforts

Aligned with Hyundai’s global vision of Progress for Humanity, Hyundai is promoting inclusivity and empowering differently abled by pledging several changes in the internal functionalities. With a comprehensive effort to ensure that the digital presence is accessible to all, Hyundai is ensuring that its website is user-friendly for people with disabilities. By following through on this pledge, the company aims to contribute to a more inclusive and equitable digital landscape.
Hyundai has also pledged to make the physical business locations accessible and accommodating to people with disabilities. Revamping the dealerships will improve the overall customer experience and demonstrate Hyundai’s dedication to diversity, equality, social responsibility, fostering positive customer relationships, and contributing to a more inclusive society. We aim to accomplish 100% of dealerships & workshops to be wheel chair accessible for differently abled by February 2024.
Additionally, Hyundai is developing and introducing Swivel Seats and accessories with MOBIS in an attempt to enhance the differently abled friendliness of the cars. This pledge underscores the company’s commitment to crafting automobiles that are both all-encompassing and considerate of the requirements of differently-abled passengers, with a central focus on ensuring their safety, comfort, and convenience.
With this initiative, Hyundai Motor India aims to raise awareness, foster inclusivity, and empower persons with disabilities in every facet of life.



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