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CSR programme donates washrooms to 10 homes at Kuthiathode Village in Alappuzha District of Kerala

Kerala, India: UST, a leading digital transformation solutions company, has built and handed over 10 toilets-cum-bathrooms to 10 households in Kuthiathode village, in Alappuzha district, Kerala. The handing over of the toilets-cum-bathrooms was done as part of UST’s ‘Adopt A Village’ programme, being implemented under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives of the company.
UST has integrated its CSR responsibilities into its culture to give back to the communities, and it has a division to implement such initiatives under a Chief Values Officer, Sunil Balakrishnan. The CSR division has helped UST create sustainable and responsible initiatives in the areas of education, livelihood, healthcare, inclusiveness, and the environment. ‘Adopt A Village’ is an initiative that forms part of these CSR measures, wherein needy homes in remote villages are provided a helping hand in carrying on with their lives, and, in turn, transforming them.
The 10 needy homes selected at Kuthiathode village in Alappuzha have been yearning for help for quite a while now. Kuthiathode has more than 25 homes that do not have toilets. The function organised to hand over 10 toilets-cum-bathrooms to needy homes in Kuthiathode was inaugurated by Prasanth Subramanian, CSR Ambassador, UST, in the presence of CSR Team members including Shine Varghese, Deepa Chandran, Preethi Maria, Deepesh Chandran, and Manoj Muralidharan. Sasikumar, Secretary-NILA, Hemant, Volunteer-NILA, Rajesh VK, Social Worker, Kuthiathodu; and beneficiary families of the CSR initiative were present.
“The handing over of 10 toilets-cum-bathrooms to needy homes at Kuthiathode village in Alappuzha is part of our ever-continuing measures aimed at ‘Transforming Lives’. The ‘Adopt A Village’ programme that is an integral part of our CSR initiatives looks at providing the much-needed aid to rural communities around us, who stay on the sidelines when it comes to overall development,” said Prasanth Subramanian, CSR Ambassador, UST.
The UST initiative at Kuthiathode village has come in for much praise from the people in the locality, especially the women folk. “The timely help extended to us by UST is like a manna from heaven for us. By coming forward to provide the toilets-cum-bathrooms to 10 needy families, UST has answered our prayers. We would always have the UST name in our prayers,” said Renuka and Yamuna Sally, residents of Kuruvakandam Ward 2; and Sheeba Satheesan, a resident of Manuthara Ward 2, in Kuthiathode village.
Besides the handing over of the toilets-cum-bathrooms, UST has also supported 10 students in Kuthiathode village, by providing them with educational support. The company also aims at providing additional support in this village and other rural settlements in Kerala to support education and health.



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