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CSR supports Tiruvallur Municipality in city’s Zero Waste Mission

Tiruvallur, Tamil Nadu: Bisleri International Pvt Ltd is delighted to announce the inauguration of the state-of-the-art Resource Recovery Center (RRC 1 no) and a Material Recovery Facility (MRF 1 no), in collaboration with The Tiruvallur Municipality, through its CSR project ‘Bottles for Change’ initiative. This momentous occasion marks a significant step towards enhancing resource recovery (waste) management practices and promoting environmental sustainability in the city.
The Resource Recovery Centre, strategically located inside the Tiruvallur Corporation Office campus and the Material Recovery Facility located in Tiruvallur Red Hills Highway, Ikkadu, are equipped with cutting-edge technology aimed at efficiently sorting and processing various types of dry waste materials. These facilities will play a pivotal role in diverting waste from landfills, thereby reducing environmental pollution and conserving valuable resources.
Bisleri will be the knowledge and technical partner, operating these facilities under the ‘Bottles for Change’ programme. It will focus on segregating all the dry waste from the centres and sent by the Municipal Corporation for recycling, upcycling, and repurposing materials such as plastics, glass, and metals, contributing to the circular economy model. Through innovative processes and advanced machinery, these facilities will convert waste materials through recyclers into reusable resources, reinforcing our commitment to a greener future.
Speaking on the occasion, Ms. T. V. Subashini, Commissioner, Tiruvallur Municipality, thanked Bisleri International for their partnership: “The inauguration of these facilities marks a significant milestone in our journey towards sustainable waste management. By leveraging the expertise of Bisleri and adopting eco-friendly practices, we are taking proactive steps to safeguard our environment for future generations.”
Mr. K. Ganesh, Chief Sustainability Officer of Bisleri, reiterated the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship and praised the Municipal Corporation’s initiative. “At Bisleri, we believe in the power of collaboration and innovation to address environmental challenges. We are proud to partner with the Tiruvallur Municipality in establishing the state-of-the-art facilities, promoting a cleaner and healthier environment.”
The inauguration ceremony was attended by key stakeholders, government officials, representatives from Bisleri, and members of the local community, underscoring the collective effort towards sustainable development.
The Tiruvallur Municipal Corporation remains committed to implementing sustainable waste management solutions and looks forward to continued collaboration with stakeholders to build a more resilient and environmentally conscious city.



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