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ChildFund India signs MoU with Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights to tackle Online Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children

Bengaluru, India: ChildFund India signed a MoU with the Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (KSCPCR). This joint initiative aims to catalyse the protection of children against online vulnerability and help flourish a more secure digital environment for their well-being.
The partnership will focus on a wide range of interventions that will be implemented to safeguard children from internet risks. To begin with- awareness campaign will be launched to educate children, parents, carers, and people from the community about the causes and encounter measures of OSEAC. Workshops, Seminars, and Awareness drives will enable children and caregivers to empower themselves with the knowledge of online safety, responsible internet usage, and identifying potential dangers & reporting.
Shri. K. Naganna Gowda, Hon’ble Chairperson of KSCPCR emphasized on the importance of this collaboration, and said, “Protecting children’s rights and their well-being in all spheres is our top priority . The growing prevalence of internet sexual abuse and exploitation among the vulnerable is extremely disturbing. We hope to pool our resources and experience to address this critical issue by collaborating with ChildFund India. We will work together to create the online platform & internet a safer place for children, to empower communities, and ensure the perpetrators are brought to justice.”
Mr. Rajesh Ranjan Singh, Board Member, ChildFund India said, “As an organisation dedicated to the holistic development and protection of children, ChildFund India is honoured to collaborate with KSCPCR in addressing the growing menace of online sexual abuse and exploitation”.
He further added, “Our collaborative efforts will centre on prevention, raising awareness, and assisting victims and their families. We are confident in our abilities to make a major influence and protect our children’s future by working together.”
The signing of MoU between ChildFund India and KSCPCR is an important step forward in protecting children experiencing vulnerability from the risks of online sexual abuse and exploitation. Children from both rural and urban areas of the state will be benefitted from this initiative and the synergy will strengthen the efforts of government in building a safer and secured digital future for children in Karnataka.
Today, the children are avid users of internet and they spend long time on internet in learning, self-expression, consolidating friendship etc. Being online also exposes them to risks like harmful content, cyberbully, online abuse and exploitation. Recognizing the magnitude of the situation, ChildFund India and KSCPCR have joined hands to work together in protecting and increasing awareness around children web safety.
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