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Infosys Earmarks Rs 250 crore For wp

INFOSYS Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Infosys, has launched Spark-IT, a programme to enhance the skill levels of engineering graduates in the country. The initiative is part of Infosys Foundation’s plans to deploy Rs 249 crore towards wp and philanthropy initiatives in fiscal 2015

Now, Ministry Will Track wp Spending With Data Analytics

The data analytics platform will give statistical and geographical reports on sectoral as well as overall spending on wp activities by companies.

‘Nirmal India’ Still Eludes Us

Complete failure in universal sanitation is becoming a health nightmare and leading to a substantially high health burden on the exchequer. Even after spending Rs 19,626 crore in the last decade on the Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC), a large population of India is still defecating out in open

How To Make Your Garbage Green In Two Easy Steps

WHEN we talk about our commitment to socially responsible world, here’s a product that surely cannot be ignored: a compact waste management instrument aptly named the ‘Smartbin’.

Now, Ministry Will Track CSR Spending With Data Analytics

The data analytics platform will give statistical and geographical reports on sectoral as well as overall spending on CSR activities by companies.

What’s with your CSR Agenda?

How should Corporations form their CSR Policy and Agenda? Professor Chetan Baxi- author of two books on CSR, and former Director, MDI explores the challenges pertaining to CSR Policy & Agenda formulation and lays down some crucial guidelines.

Dubai Throws A Rope To Flood-Ravaged Kids At ‘3 Idiots’ School

‘Don’t ignore the North-East’ is Dubai resident Harsha Sawlani’s message for corporates, as she shoulders the fate of 42 children at the Druk school in Leh, in a reaffirming story about the power and reach of individual social responsibility.

41 CPSEs Failed To Comply With CSR Norms

The Comptroller & Audit General of India (CAG) has revealed a ‘serious lack of initiative, implementation and desire to implement Corporate Social Responsibility’ scheme in at least 41 out of 110 central public sector enterprises (CPSE’s)

Opinion: Why India Needs A CSR Index

Given that we are mandating corporations to spend money on us, we as a society would be better off if we had a way of measuring it

Modi On I-Day: Sanitation A Priority

SANITATION seems to have become the buzzword ever since Prime Minister Narendi Modi has assumed office, or perhaps even before. In his first, what could be called a thanksgiving speech at the ghats of the river Ganga after winning his Lok Sabha constituency earlier this year, Modi had empathetically emphasized on the need of...

Plastic CSR

The universally dreaded plastic waste is now acquiring some ‘good-reuse-karma’. Upcycling techniques have generated a great potential to design more sustainable CSR initiatives that can help clean up plastic waste, create useful products & generate fair trade employment opportunities

You Heard It Here First: Budget Paves Way For Mining Sector Revival

The wp Journal had first reported on the government’s plans for a new mining policy and its plans for the revival of the beleaguered sector in Budget 2014, last week.

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