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GAC flag off

Artists Collaborate To Work Towards Sustainable Development Goals

The Great African Caravan’s pre-launch event took place on 18th July 2018, the Nelson Mandela Day, in partnership with UNESCO in New Delhi, India. The evening was blessed by the presence of Mr. Al-Amin Yusuph, Officer-in-Charge and Advisor for Communication and Information for South Asia, UNESCO New Delhi Cluster Office, Rahul Ram the lead...

देखें – एमएनएस का न्याय के लिए ये कैसा तरीका?

गड्ढों को लेकर पीडब्लूडी दफ्तर में एमएनएस का हंगामा। गड्ढों को लेकर किया तोड़फोड़, लेकिन न्याय के लिए ये कैसा तरीका? एमएनएस "स्टाइल" से क्या गड्ढ़े भर जायेंगे, क्या समस्या का हो जायेगा निदान?
World Youth Skilling day

CSR: Skilling The Youth For National Development

15th of July is marked and celebrated as World Youth Skills Day every year. Since the launch of National Youth Skill Mission in 2015, India has progressed significantly in terms of employability of youth. According to the fifth edition of the Confederation of Indian Industry’s (CII) ‘India Skills Report 2018’, the employability score has...

NIO Vision Marathon to raise awareness about Avoidable Blindness

Marathons are a great way to motivate employees to take care of their health and to live a long and productive life. Employees that run have far fewer sick days off compared to non-runners. For past four years NIO Vision Marathon has been an attempt to raise awareness about Avoidable Blindness. Dr. Aditya Kelkar and...

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