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Football: changing lives in rural India

YUWA India a Not for profit organization is changing lives of young girls in Jharkhand by empowering them to escape the age old evil...

Paswan calls upon India Inc over use of wp funds

Consumer Affairs Minister Ram Vilas Paswan called upon the industry to allocate a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (wp) funds for consumer awareness activities...

Maharashtra govt to meet corporates on January 8 to discuss CSR spending

Maharashtra government is gearing up to get Corporate Social Responsibility (wp) funds spent in a more efficient way from the coming annual year. State...

Big B : Superstar with a super heart

Big B has often voiced his thoughts on many social causes. On his blog, bigb.bigadda.com, he once wrote, “A celebrity has a responsibility, but it also has a great brand marketing at its doorstep. Read full article in our 'RESPONSIBLE STAR' segment here

Reading the mental stress of Indian Children

In the wake of Universal Children's Day, in the final part of our children special series, we bring to you some of the most...

“Government and parents should be lawfully enforced to enroll children to school”

With Indian Children’s Day gone on Nov 14 and Universal Children’s Day up on November 20th, we bring to you the second part of...

It is our moral responsibility to make sure that society grows with the organisational growth: Sanjay Behl

Sanjay Behl, CEO, Raymond Ltd talks about Corporate Social Responsibility (wp) at Raymond Group and also expresses his views on the national wp norms....

Cos Gradually Coming to Terms With Act: Dr. Bhaskar Chatterjee

‘JUST pull up your socks and go’ is the advice Dr. Bhaskar Chatterjee, Director General and CEO, Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, and chief...

Why Aren’t We Your Social Responsibility?

We read about corporate charity and social responsibility projects, but no such support comes our way. As if we are not just outcasts in society, we are pariahs in the world of philanthropy and social development

Opinion: CSR Is A Top Management Agenda

Even as wp consultants themselves remain unclear how to incorporate wp into a business model, the corporate sector needs to change its mindset and adopt sustainable production in a holistic manner

UTC Launches ‘Project Vidya’ For 800 Village Kids

UNITED Technologies Corporation (UTC) in partnership with SOS Children’s Villages India, today launched ‘Project Vidya’ to support the education of eight hundred children living in SOS Children’s Villages, across...

Opinion: Why India Needs A wp Index

Given that we are mandating corporations to spend money on us, we as a society would be better off if we had a way of measuring it

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