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solar dryers for fish

CSR: Food wastage in India, two solutions

Food waste refers to the removal of food from the overall supply that is fit for consumption, or which has been spoiled or expired. India being one of the biggest culprits in food wastage, despite a malnourished population, here are two suggestions for positive action towards food wastage in India. Solar dryers for fish When fisherfolk...
Sebastien Hug, CEO and Consul General, swissnex

India could possibly overachieve its Paris Agreement goals: Sébastien Hug, CEO and Consul General, swissnex India

By 2030, India plans to generate 40% of its total energy requirement through renewable energy sources. “The Government of India has planned to increase its renewable energy capacity target to 225 GW by 2022, much ahead of its initial target of 175 GW. Overall, up to 8.5 GW of renewable energy capacity is expected...
House of Representatives in Manila

Philippines: House of Representatives supports the practice of CSR

The House of Representatives is not only an amalgam of zealous individuals working toward a more productive 17th Congress. The working house is also a caring house. This shows in various measures supporting the practice of corporate social responsibility in the Philippines. It also shows in the push from Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo for the urgent...

Morocco’s development model could show India the way

In recent decades, the Kingdom of Morocco has embarked on a path that fully commits the nation to a development and civil course that is at once progressive and strongly connected to its national identity. The Moroccan model for success - with its core ideals of decentralisation, human development, multiculturalism, south-south connectivity, and participatory...

Key regulatory shifts in Indian corporate governance in 2018

The subject of Corporate Governance (CG) started to gain headway in India in the mid 1990s especially after certain unprecedented capital market events in the early 1990s. In general parlance, CG can mean some set of principals by which a company should ideally be directed and controlled. CG has come a long way since, until...
Heat action plan by Ahmedabad

CSR: How Ahmedabad Became South Asia’s Leader In Global Cooling With Heat Action Plan

Based on current trends in carbon emissions, by the end of this century three-quarters of humanity will face deadly heat with significant losses in economic productivity. Densely populated regions in the Persian Gulf, Bangladesh, and northeast India may become so hot and humid that they surpass limits on human survivability in absence of heat...
Link between nutrition and diseases

CSR: Link Between Diet, Nutrition And Diseases

What we eat and our nutritional status can affect cardiovascular diseases, some types of cancer and diabetes. Foods, diet and nutritional status, including overweight and obesity, are also associated with elevated blood pressure and blood cholesterol, and resistance to the action of insulin. These conditions are not only risk factors for non-communicable diseases (NCDs),...
innovative child focused programs

CSR: Child focused programs lead the way

These initiatives are made special by their focus on child participation in governance, capacity building of children, redesigning the long-term development plans through a child lens and priority budgeting and expenditure by the government on issues identified by or important for children. As per the findings of the report, ‘Forgotten voices: The world of...
Data privacy

CSR: Data Privacy Laws in India

From May 2018, every website you visit started showing you a notice informing you of an update in their privacy policy or asking if you understand that the company is using cookies to collect data about you. These companies were always collecting data while you were surfing but after May 2018, it became mandatory...
child labour in India

CSR: Framework For Ending Child Labour In India

Ending child labour requires a coming together of efforts, which address a wide spectrum of issues – economic, social, cultural and legal – that contribute to vulnerability and enable abuses. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions. It is nonetheless possible to identify some overarching regional policy priorities. Expand access to free, quality public education Education helps break...
bridging the gender gap

Bridging The Gender Gap

Feminism has never been about getting a job for one woman. It's about making life fairer for women everywhere. It's not about a piece of the existing pie; there are too many of us for that. It's about baking a new pie ― Gloria Steinem Gender inequality is not only a pressing moral and social issue but...
water cut in mumbai

CSR: BMC Executes 10% Water Cut In Mumbai

In April 2018, Cape Town’s Day Zero took centre stage. Day Zero is when the city would run out of water and the government would have no option but turn off the supplies. Cape Town is one of the most developed cities in the world and they are facing the possibility of a day...

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