Young Couple Celebrates Wedding With Special Guests

What would a dream wedding for you mean? Probably, the presence of all your family and friends, stunning designer clothes, a fairytale destination, sight-arresting decoration, long list of guests and all the grandeur. But for a couple who recently got married in Bangalore, a dream wedding meant something different. Surabhi HR hailing from Bangalore and...

Youth: Change Leaders For An Inclusive And Vibrant India

History shows us that young people have played key roles in powerful social movements that transformed the course of human history, including India’s freedom struggle, women’s rights, environmentalism and environmental justice and many more. With 65% of population below the age of 35 years, India has the world's largest youth population and their actions and...

The Changing Dynamics Of Philanthropy

India, with its rich diversity and history is no stranger to the concept of philanthropy. Individuals in the country have come forward time and again sharing their resources (wealth, knowledge and time). Historically, India like many Asian countries has a close-knitted culture known for having a rich social heritage. The mythological example of ‘Karna’ also...

Philanthropy To Purpose: India Inc. Is Finding Its Socially Responsible Feet

It’s four and a half years since we started working with great Indian companies on their social responsibility. In that time we’ve been watching and learning as India Inc. has started to find its socially responsible feet and grappled with the world-first CSR legislation that came into effect in 2014. At the close of...

MetLife Foundation & Grameen Foundation Bring Microfinance to UP’s Women

NEW DELHI: Grameen Foundation and MetLife Foundation are partnering to advance financial inclusion in India. This new initiative is designed to leverage the combined strengths of commercial banks and local, trusted field-based organizations to create sustainable and viable banking services for the poor. The program will be executed over the next two years by Grameen Foundation...

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