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Sadhguru: Religion and Republic, The Way Forward

Most religions have a constitution of their own, supposedly scripted by the Divine or a messenger of the Divine. As the constitution is of divine origin, it is not available to any sort of amendment. The result is that it lapses into archaic impracticality, or ossifies into dogma, leading to a history of conflict. Constitutions,...
India and the SDGs

CSR: Can India achieve the SDGs?

India has significant distance to cover on almost all development fronts. Its ranking on global development indicators like the Human Development Index (HDI) and the SDG index hasn’t improved substantially in recent years. The country ranked 130 on the HDI in 2018, the same ranking as in 2014, and 112 on the SDG index...
Spark Minda_Waste Disposal Machine_High Court_Delhi

Spark Minda Foundation with Rotary Club installs Reverse Vending Machine in Delhi High Court

Spark Minda Foundation (SMF) in collaboration with Rotary club, Panchshila Park, Delhi has set a milestone in societal development by installing the most unique waste recycling machine in Delhi High Court. The installation is the part of Spark Minda Foundation’s CSR initiative to curb plastic pollution in the city and promote sustainable development. A...
Agriculture in India

CSR: Government Initiatives to Bring Sustainability in India’s Agriculture

India is predominantly an agrarian country. Agriculture employs almost half of the country’s workforce. It is also responsible for providing livelihood to the majority of the country’s population. However, with the growing demand for food, the agriculture sector of the country is caught between providing food at affordable prices and generating the necessary income...
Youth of India

CSR: Government Initiatives to Empower Rural Youth

Some of the most critical developmental goals that governments strive to achieve are providing employment, securing livelihoods and improving incomes of the people. Indian economy has an advantage in the form of its favourable demographic composition. With 877 million working-age people, India is the largest young nation in the world. According to the IMF,...
Responsible Citizens

Manipal ProLearn in association with Janaagraha launches CitizenPro

Manipal ProLearn, a leading professional learning platform and a division of Manipal Global Education Services (MaGE), in a collaborative effort with Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy, launched “CitizenPro”. The free online course aims at informing and raising awareness of citizens across India of their civic rights, duties and about the polity of India leading...
Mr. Sanjay Kao

Small Finance Banks play a key role in priority sector lending: Sanjay Kao, Chief Business Officer, Ujjivan

Ever since the RBI granted differentiated banking licenses to Small Finance Banks (SFBs), there has been a world of difference to customers of SFBs like Ujjivan. SFB licenses are more restrictive than a regular bank license, such as one given to State Bank of India (SBI) or ICICI Bank. While small finance banks can undertake...
Air Pollution Delhi

CSR: Air Pollution Shortened Lifespan of an Indian Child by 30 Months

Air Pollution levels have been disturbingly high in India over the last few years. In fact, the majority of the top 20 cities with most polluted air are in India. This high level of pollution has shortened the life span of a child in India by 30 months, according to a report published by...
Farmers income Irrigation

Walmart Foundation Supports IDEI Irrigation Project to Raise Farmers’ Incomes

Ten thousand smallholder farmers in Andhra Pradesh are set to benefit from the introduction of sustainable irrigation products and practices under a program offered by International Development Enterprises - India (IDEI) and supported with funding from the Walmart Foundation. Providing a grant of US $750,000, the Walmart Foundation will help IDEI take its Integrating Smallholder...

How political interference is killing CSR in India

Rubina Akbar has given birth to 17 children. That’s high even in her village, where mothers average eight children. But here, in a rural district less than 100 kilometres from India’s national capital of Delhi, the likelihood of dying early remains stubbornly high. The infant mortality rate in Mewat district is 117 per 1,000 births,...
Mining Machine

CSR: Women in the Mining Industry

India has been participating in empowering women in every sector. However, the Mining Industry is still lacking way behind. Mining as an industry has always been male-dominated in every country. In fact, up until 29th January 2019, according to the Mines Act 1952, employment of women in any part of a mine which is...
Safety First Roadshow

Honeywell Safe Schools Roadshow on ‘Safety First’ concludes in Haridwar

SEEDS (Sustainable Environment and Ecological Development Society), in association with Honeywell India, concluded the Safety First-Honeywell Safe Schools roadshow at Rishikesh Bairaj, Haridwar. The Safety First roadshow has travelled the Dehradun-Haridwar corridor to sensitise and raise awareness among the communities. Over the past month, it has reached out to over 750 people across the...

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