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crime rate in India

CSR: Accuracy of India’s Crime Data

The crime rate in India has seen a marginal increase in 2018. According to government data, the number for cases of murder, abduction, rape, dowry death and fatal accidents has seen a spike compared to last year. However, the accuracy of this data is highly questionable. According to the...
Water conservation

CSR: Water Conservation Efforts By Indian Corporates

‘India’s ‘worst water crisis in its history’ is only going to get worse’. There are various research reports and analyses to indicate that by 2030, the country’s water demand is projected to be twice the available supply. If not addressed, the water scarcity is also likely to affect the GDP of the country accounting...
Organic farming in Sikkim

Sikkim, India’s First Fully Organic State

Sikkim became the first state in India to officially announce adoption of organic farming in the year 2003 to ensure long term sustenance of soil fertility, protection of environment and ecology, healthy living and decreasing the risk of health ailments. In 2003, Sikkim stopped imports of chemical fertilizers in the State and since then...
Red for - Monuments of India

Corporates Adopting Monuments For CSR

India is a country blessed with rich and varied heritage. The country has over 37 UNESCO world heritage sites. Conservation and maintenance of the archeological sites have been a challenge for a country with a high number of people living around them, visiting them and making a living out of them. The ministry of culture...
urban india

CSR: Urban India’s Problems

According to the census 2011, around 31% of India’s population lives in urban areas. That is close to 400 million people. The Census defines ‘urban’ as an area that satisfies the following three conditions at least 5,000 inhabitants density of more than 400 people per sq. km at least 75% of male working population engaged...
Gandhi Fellow

CSR: Youth In The Footsteps of Gandhi

The need in India today is for young people with fresh ideas who could try and transform themselves to cause disproportionate change in the system and stand by it. It was out of this context that in 2008, Gandhi Fellowship emerged as a platform for youth to connect to the grassroots, understand the issues...
Abdullah A Rehman, APD Foundation

Air pollution is the fifth largest killer in India: Abdullah A Rehman, Founder & CEO, Anti Pollution Drive Foundation

Delhiites continue to choke on polluted air and debate over the unlivability of metro cities in India continues to rage. As part of our continuous efforts to Be the Solution, The CSR Journal had an exclusive conversation with Founder and CEO of Anti Pollution Drive Foundation, Abdullah A Rehman. Anti Pollution Drive (APD) Foundation India...
Teenage girls in India

CSR: Nation’s Report-Card On Teenage Girls

India is home to the largest and youngest workforce in the world today. Having reached this pivotal demographic point in our economic and political history, and in light of our long engagement with girls, investment in our girls is a national priority that can no longer be sidelined. Investment in their health and wellbeing,...
PM Modi

PM Modi does not condone culture of criticising corporates

Standing up for India Inc, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said he does not believe in the culture of criticising industry and corporates who he believes are doing exemplary social work alongside their business. Modi also wanted citizens to not just pay their taxes honestly but do their bit for social transformation. "In our country,...
Homeless in India

The Homeless In India

Every Indian must have a house by 2022. That is the dream of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. People living on footpaths is a common sight in most metro cities. According to the government’s definition, homeless or houseless people are those who live in “the open or roadside, pavements, inhume-pipes, under flyovers and staircases, or...
speed post

CSR: Speed Post Services in India – Not So Speedy

“I moved with my husband to Lucknow after his transfer. My mother sent a parcel to our new address through Speed Post. It contained my father’s antique binoculars and some food items from my hometown. The parcel was supposed to arrive in 5 days. When it didn’t arrive for 12 days, we started to...
Children of India

CSR: Challenges In Raising The Children Of Tomorrow

Children are the future of the country. The policies, reforms and acts that are passed today in the country, are the setting for these children to reap benefits and build upon them tomorrow. The dream of earning India its title of ‘Sone ki chidiya’ (the golden bird) will be fulfilled by the youth who...

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