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Fujifilm for breast cancer awareness

Fujifilm India joins hands with Indian Cancer Society to spread awareness

Fujifilm India announced its association with the Indian Cancer Society. Under the association, Fujifilm will conduct 18 medical camps to generate awareness about breast cancer and breast self-examination. Free breast cancer screenings will be organized for women above 40. One of the many objectives of the campaign is to provide practical knowledge and quality...
Dr. Dharminder Nagar, MD, Paras Healthcare, Vijay Goel, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs, Anupriya Patel, Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare

‘Paras Sarthi’ Launched to collaborate with Corporates & PSUs for Tertiary Care

In a bid to bridge the healthcare gap for the destitute and medical services, hospital chain Paras Healthcare has announced the launch of Paras Sarthi — a healthcare delivery platform based on a CSR funding-focused aggregator model to provide quality medical care services to the underprivileged. The program offers guidance, participation programs and impact...
flush toilets

Shelter Associates Crosses the 14,000 Milestone of Facilitating Household Toilets

Shelter Associates, a Pune-based NGO working towards an open defecation-free nation, has now delivered 14,000 household toilets in Maharashtra impacting more than 3,60,000 lives. In line with the Prime Minister’s Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM), Shelter Associates has been steadily impacting lives in 6 urban cities in Maharashtra with their data-driven and community centric model,...
Essar Foundation

Nurturing Rural Vitality – The Essar Foundation Way

Responsible businesses carry people along with them in their journey towards growth. Essar has generated business of more than USD 3bn through nurturing local entrepreneurs and has grown in unison with the communities around its presence. Essar Foundation is the CSR arm of Essar, committed to fuelling development of communities around Essar’s business presence. “Our...
Healthcare sakhis

CSR: Promoting Healthcare In Rural India

Healthcare and sanitation is a right to everyone. But because of lack of infrastructure, awareness and professionals, it is not accessible to about 60% of the population in India. About 70% of the population are living in rural areas in the country. With lack of healthcare and sanitation in these areas, the mortality rates...
biomedical waste in india

CSR: Tackling The Biomedical Waste In India

World Health Organisation has defined Biomedical waste as ‘Waste generated from hospitals, nursing homes, blood banks and veterinary institutions, including syringes, bandages, amputated body parts and other human and animal bio-waste generated during medical treatment and research.’ Sanitary pads are also categorised under bio medical waste. Waste generated by healthcare activities can often be hazardous....
Toilet college in india

CSR: India’s First Toilet College

RB (erstwhile Reckitt Benckiser), world’s leading consumer Health and Hygiene Company, in association with the World Toilet Organisation (Singapore) and Jagran Pehel, has laid the foundation of India’s first World Toilet College for sanitation workers in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Through an effective curriculum, the World Toilet College aims to introduce an enabling program for sanitation...
Manual scavenging in India

CSR: Manual Scavenging in India

Manual Scavenging is the inhuman practice which involves cleaning of human excreta without any personal protective equipment with shoddy tools and most of the times involves handling with bare hands. The Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and Their Rehabilitation Act, 2013” was passed by the central government. This act prohibits the employment of manual...
Independence Day 15-8-218

क्या सचमुच आजाद हुए है हम?

आज १५ अगस्त है। हमारे देश को आजाद हुए पुरे ७१ वर्ष हो गए। पुरा हिंदुस्तान आजादी का जश्न मना रहा है। जगह-जगह तिरंगा फहराया जाएगा। देशभक्ति के गीत गाए जाएंगे। चारो और हरा और केसरिया रंग फैला नजर आएगा। दफ्तरों, स्कूलो में छुट्टी और टेलिविजन पर देशभक्ति से ओत-पोत कार्यक्रमो और फिल्मों की भरमार होगी।...
International Cat Day

CSR: 8 Tips For Cat People To Stay Safe

August 8 is International Cat Day. IFAW established this day as a chance to celebrate the bond between humans and cats, the internet’s current obsession. Founded in 1969, IFAW (the International Fund for Animal Welfare for the uninitiated) saves animals in crisis around the world. Despite the fact that cats make excellent companions, our...

Sanitary Pads Exemption From GST – Yet Another Case of a Last-minute Fix

In a judgement made by the Goods and Service Tax (GST) Council, as part of its 28th Meeting, sanitary napkins were exempted from being taxed – after a year in protests, this is a welcome change, making the product cheaper compared to its current pricing. Though, various other materials that go into making the...
Slums getting colourful in Mumbai

CSR: Colours Uplifting The Lives Of Slum Dwellers

With the population of 2.2 Crores according to the 2011 census, Mumbai is the most populous city in India and the 4th most populous city in the world. The population has more than doubled in the last twenty years and this rapid expansion has led to the city bursting at its seams. More than...

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