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CSR and Corporate Sustainability

Corporate sustainability is derived from the concept of sustainable development which is defined by the Brundtland Commission as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. Corporate sustainability essentially refers to the role that companies can play in meeting the agenda of sustainable...

HGS ties up with Plan India for Comprehensive School Improvement Programme in Mumbai and Pune

Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS) has launched a new CSR initiative, HGS’ Comprehensive School Improvement Programme (CSIP), which aims to promote quality and holistic education for underprivileged children in Mumbai and Pune. HGS has tied up with Plan India, a nationally registered not-for-profit organization striving to advance children’s rights and equality for girls to create...

How SMEs Can Contribute To CSR

While the quantum of revenue available for CSR with individual SMEs is expected to be small, all eligible companies in a specific geographical cluster, who single handed as well as collectively impact the same community, can pool their resources to create a sizeable CSR fund. Low involvement CSR is for all companies. SMEs in India have...
CSR Roundtable - BSE

CSR Roundtable Report – Spends And Extent

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become globally a key issue of concern for contemporary businesses. The CSR construct for India has been redesigned with the inclusion of CSR under Section 135 of the Companies Act 2013. The covert intention of CSR regulations was to engage corporates in solving complex social problems. Schedule VII of the...
carbon footprint

Landmark Group Takes A Step To Reduce Carbon Emissions

Splash, a prominent fashion retailer in India and Middle East, and a brand owned by the Landmark Group, has partnered with Natur-Tec, a business unit of Northern Technologies International Corporation (“NTIC”) (Nasdaq: NTIC), to pioneer a new sustainable biopolymer-based packaging solution in India, South Asia and Middle East. The brand’s 80 million poly bags a year have...
paint the change

Shalimar Paints revamped the look of a slum with vibrant colours

An urban slum community comprising over 10,000 people situated in the heart of Chanakyapuri, amongst the poshest areas in the Delhi/NCR region, the Sanjay Camp was in dire need of beautification and a dash of colour. This need was met on the morning of October 6, 2018, as a 1000 student volunteers entered the...
Partnership between Welspun and UN Women

Welspun India partners with UN Women to advocate Gender Equality

Welspun India has partnered with UN Women, subsidiary organ of the United Nations mandated to achieve gender equality and the empowerment of women. The home textile conglomerate currently has 23% women workforce and aims to achieve the target of 30% women employees by 2020. The association aims to empower women with skill building initiatives in...
rural india

Mercedes-Benz India Reinforces Its Commitment To Rural Development

Mercedes-Benz India has announced three unique initiatives in Pune aimed at rural development and will affect lives of over two thousand villagers. These initiatives include an E-lab facility at ITI Ghodegaon, a watershed conservation structure at Thakarwadi-Landewadi and the Draw Down Cultivation project in Ambegaon taluka. Over the years, the company has focused on building...

भारत में तेजी से फैल रहा ‘मी टू’ कैंपेन, अब तक कई बड़ी हस्तियों के नाम आए सामने

हमारे देश की महिलाएं बोल रही है, मेरी बहने, मेरी माताएं, मेरी बेटी, मेरी दोस्त बोल रही है, आवाज़ उठा रही है, लड़ रही है, सामना कर रही है। लड़ाई उस मानसिकता से है, आवाज़ समाज की बुराईयों से, सामना उस परिस्थितियों से है जो ये समझ बैठा है कि हमारा समाज पुरुष प्रधान...

National Stock Exchange and UNICEF urge corporates to invest in children and young people

Equitable investments in young people are increasingly seen as one of the best and most valuable long-term investments governments and businesses can make. Investing in young people is important on practical grounds as it yields positive benefits to economies and societies. UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore rang the closing bell at the National Stock...
Canon Cleanliness Drive

Canon India organises a cleanliness drive

Canon India announced a slew of initiatives, as part of its umbrella CSR programme ‘Canon India Involve’. As part of the initiative, the innovation leader has installed eco-friendly dustbins in the school premises of all its four adopted villages. Further, it also conducted a cleanliness drive in one of the adopted villages - Maheshwari...

ZICOM Signs Agreement with JanaJal to Provide Security for Over 2000 Water ATMs across India

Zicom Electronic Security Systems has partnered with JanaJal, India’s premier water services company to offer its specialized security-based solutions for 2000 or more water ATMs to be commissioned across the country in the next 2 years. JanaJal particularly targets high-density areas to address the concern inaccessibility of safe drinking water for the majority of the...

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