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Sanitary Pads

Sanitary Pads Hazardous To Environment

Menstrual Hygiene is a subject that is not openly spoken of in India. This communication gap has caused hazardous implications not only to the health of several women in the country but also to the environment. With release of the Bollywood movie ‘Padman’, use of sanitary pads and its importance has come into light. Many...
Congenital Heart Defects CHD

Healthcare For Children With CHD

Healthcare is critical to every individual irrespective of their income. However, the infrastructure of public healthcare in India is not enough to accommodate large number of patients. The private healthcare does not allow people with low income to get services for its high expenses. This results in many people to ignore healthcare for monetary...
Collecting vaporised water.

Innovations To Combat Water Crisis

Global water crisis is deepening with each passing day. Even a developed city like Cape Town in South Africa is enduring one of the worst water crisis and it may allegedly run out of water next year, if not sooner. Closer to home, Kerala has declared 9 districts as drought hit due to shortage...
Renewable Energy on the Grid

Renewable Energy Sector Appealing Among Job Seekers

With depleting resources in the world, energy crisis have begun to hit many parts of India as well as the world. This has led many countries to research and develop technology as well as infrastructure to enable production and usage of renewable energy. There has been a lot of innovation in the renewable energy sector....
Classrooms made from waste

Waste Generators Become The Recyclers

Waste Management is a pressing problem faced by the metro cities in India. The urban citizens of India are used to consuming all kinds of branded products available in the city, making them a large percentage of waste generators. Lacking awareness about the importance of its management, or being plain ignorant towards it, the...

Differently-Abled Indian Cricket Team Heads To Singapore

Cricket has grown into a folly over the years for Indians. Companies too are willing to sponsor and participate in them. The sport receives a large chunk of the limelight along with cricketers earning about 2 crore rupees annually. This is in the games. With the lime light they receive, they easily make way...
Media responsibility

Media Nurturing The Culture Of Giving

With great power, comes great responsibility. The quote cannot be better suited to anyone but Media. Media has become very powerful today in forming opinions of the people. Media has become the platform for the government as well as the opposition to build trusts or destroy them. The citizens rely so much on Media...

Power Packed Walks With Empowering Talks For Women

Today, women are playing a significant role in sustainability initiatives, which covers environmental and societal issues, issues of gender equality and inclusiveness in the workplace. There is an increase in the engagement with sustainability leaders from across industries, highlighting important milestones while taking on the challenges faced by women in sustainability. Having walked 3800 kms...
Child birth in India

Healthcare For Child Birth On CSR Agenda

Child birth is a difficult yet an exciting phase especially for first time parents. It is that precious experience that every couple looks forward to with lots of expectations. However, it is very vital for the child and mother’s health. The duo could face life long ailments if they are not subjected to proper...
World Sparrow Day

Sparrows Are Not So Common Anymore

Sparrows, known as the most common bird has been integral to everyone’s childhood memories. We have seen them around our houses, schools and playgrounds, chirping away, picking grains and creating much needed distractions during boring lectures at school. They have been friends as well as nuisance. According to estimates, sparrows have had a symbiotic relationship with...

Scalability And PPP For Inclusion From The Grassroots

For any child a holistic makeover should include a complete transformation in the built environment. A good balance of emotional well-being, nutrition for the body and tracking progress in education. Along with the need in an infrastructural boost, we have to reform the current public education system in some of these government schools and...
Disability Inclusion

Inclusion In Education For Human Rights

According to the Disability Inclusion Act of the Indian constitution, the children with disability have equal rights to be educated with the children without disability. It also states that, special classes, separate schooling, or other removal of children with disabilities from the regular environment occurs only when the nature or severity of disability is...

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