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Corporate CSR Ethics

Opinion: CSR Is A Top Management Agenda

Even as wp consultants themselves remain unclear how to incorporate wp into a business model, the corporate sector needs to change its mindset and adopt sustainable production in a holistic manner

‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ included in wp rules

Minister of State for CorporateAffairs Nirmala Sitharaman have said that the government will analyse the pattern of Corporate Spending under wp programmes after completion of one year.

Opinion: Why India Needs A wp Index

Given that we are mandating corporations to spend money on us, we as a society would be better off if we had a way of measuring it

Jaitley To Corporates: Use Defence Personnel For CSR

DEFENCE Minister Arun Jaitley today urged the corporate sector to utilise the services of ex-servicemen for meeting their requirement for a highly trained and disciplined work force. "Corporate India requires trained and disciplined manpower and the ex-servicemen provide a big pool of such people. Their commitment to work is paramount, their discipline is very high...

Get Some Discipline in your CSR

With an extensive expertise ranging from infrastructure development to quality education, ex-servicemen could be just what the Corporate Houses need to effectively create, implement and monitor wp programs.

‘Responsible’ Marketing: Going Beyond the Bottom Line

How do you connect social responsibility with the overall marketing strategy of a company? As social responsibility becomes the flavour of the season in Indian advertising, companies are looking to realign their messages to acquire consumer confidence

What Ails wp Training In India?

The very fact that in a country with more than 300 universities and 3000 business schools we do not have a single Chair Professor for wp speaks volumes about the so called social relevance of institutions offering wp Training. Professor CV Baxi presents a thought-provoking critique on Capacity building for wp & Sustainability in India.

What Does Social Innovation mean?

“Innovation” has long been a buzzword in the philanthropic sector, applied to a wide variety of approaches and initiatives that sometimes fit one of the many definitions of innovation and sometimes do not. Our interviews demonstrated that funders do not always operate with a similar understanding of what characterizes an innovative social change approach.

Now, Ministry Will Track wp Spending With Data Analytics

The data analytics platform will give statistical and geographical reports on sectoral as well as overall spending on wp activities by companies.

Now, Ministry Will Track CSR Spending With Data Analytics

The data analytics platform will give statistical and geographical reports on sectoral as well as overall spending on CSR activities by companies.

What’s with your CSR Agenda?

How should Corporations form their CSR Policy and Agenda? Professor Chetan Baxi- author of two books on CSR, and former Director, MDI explores the challenges pertaining to CSR Policy & Agenda formulation and lays down some crucial guidelines.

Head And Shoulders Above The Rest: Tata Group’s Windfall Spend

Tata Group spent staggering Rs. 8000 crore on sustainability and social causes in last 10 years, looks to expand, standardize standard operating processes for all group companies

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