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Lake Rejuvenation: Individual Responsibility Towards A Larger Development Cause

In India, a good number of urban lakes are large cesspools. Water channels, lifeline of waterbodies, are largely encroached and converted into open drains carrying sewage water. A multi acre polluted water lake is certainly not a healthy ecosystem as it pollutes air with an unbearable stink, contaminates ground water and its frothing could potentially cause fires. It is time to avert a natural disaster that is looming large. There are four things that could be initiated to minimise sewage inlet to the urban lake bodies.

International Day For The Conservation Of The Mangrove Ecosystem

Mangroves ecosystem is rich in biodiversity located at the interface of land and sea in tropical regions. These help in ensuring food security for many coastal communities. Mangroves provide biomass, forest products and help in sustaining fisheries. They contribute immensely to the protection of coastlines and help in mitigating the effects of climate change...

Strengthening the CSR Ecosystem: Role of the Media

In India, Corporate Social Responsibility is an extension of achieving sustainable development goals in a more structured way. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has the potential to address the socio-economic and political inequalities. CSR is a wonderful platform to bring social justice in ensuring basic rights for a dignified life for all. Given the scope...

CSR Opportunity to Educate and Empower Masses

The first and foremost initiative to strengthen public libraries is to support Raja Rammohan Roy Library Foundation by funding its regular activities to promote setting up libraries in the country.

Understanding The True Meaning Of Individual Social Responsibility In The Context Of Demonetisation

Investopedia defines demonetisation as, “the act of stripping a currency unit of its status as legal tender. Demonetisation is necessary whenever there is a change of national currency. The old unit of currency must be retired and replaced with a new currency unit.” The demonetisation of banknotes policy was enacted by the Government of India ceasing the usage...

Poverty: Understanding The Concept And Measures In Indian Context

It was interesting to read a series of tweets consolidating year 2016 from the International Spectator on Twitter. Some of these include, India tops the GDP charts with 7.2%; India stands third position with 111 billionaires, next to US and China and military spending is around 51$ billion, ahead of Japan and Australia. Ironically,...

An Overview of the Global Education Monitoring Report 2016: Understanding the Basic Framework

Education is one of the basic human rights that needs to be provided by all nations. It is important to note that education is for life and learning is life-long as it creates equal opportunities for all. According to Gandhi, “by education I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in child and...

The Gender Review Of The 2016 Global Education Monitoring Report: Understanding The Urgency

Inequality in any form is dangerous for the development of the country and equally detrimental in progress of the society. It is high time to realize that gender inequality affects us all and all of us have equal role in building an inclusive society. Gender equality is a complex issue. Gender equality is not...

Three Pragmatic Strategies to Combat Plastic Menace

The growing population, rocket speed of production and hyper consumerism has added huge pressure on the natural resources. It is the festival time again in India and people are immersed in celebrations. Celebrations have ethnic, cultural and religious significance. It is natural to have huge spurt of activities around celebrations due to diversity of...

Revival of Traditional Arts and Handicrafts: Rescue Role of the Companies Act, 2013

India is a diverse country with varied cultures, art forms and traditions. These bring richness to the living, life and lifestyle. It reflects in arts and handicrafts that imbibe rich history, aesthetics and exquisite designs. Since the ancient times, traditional art and handicraft industry has been providing employment and livelihood opportunities. In the modern...

Ministry Favours More Changes In Companies’ Law, Clarity On wp Norms

With an aim to further improve India’s ‘ease of doing business’ ranking, Corporate Affairs Ministry is gearing up for more changes in 2016 to the voluminous Companies Act and bring in further clarity on the wp spending norms. Despite a number of changes this year to the Companies Act, 2013, which itself has replaced over...

India world leader in CR reporting, says KPMG survey

India leads corporate responsibility reporting rates in the world with 100%, up 27% from 2013, thanks to a mandatory requirement for large companies to do so, says a KPMG report.

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